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Reality Check

Hey all.
Some friends of mine were recently at the M wave checking it out when they saw these guys doing some awesome tricks and took a digital picture at which point an prominent member of team Dagger (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, AND SO DO WE!!!!!!!) starts yelling and screaming WHY don't you just get in you fucking faggots!!!! This is completley UNacceptable as those guys work in a gear shop that sells dagger and promoted the new movie this foul mouthed kid was in. It is a horrible representation of what it is to be a pro kayaker that gets paid and sponsered to do what you love. I hope this kid reads this and feels like a supreme ass for mis representing the boating community. I have met this person before and thought he was a super nice guy but now am very disapointed.

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I'da shoved my paddle up his ass lengthwise if he said that filth to me.
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The boy you speak of is normally a nice guy, but he is very sensitive about the M wave. My guess... eventually the location and hype explode in the next few years and he and everyone else will lose access, or lines galore. This is his home turf, and you were in his backyard so he lost it. Every time I hear something bad about this kid, which is often, it is always because of the M wave. The man needs to try and show a little more respect in confrontations like this being the size he is....not to mention, he represents a company.

Sorry for what happened man, but I bet the little Dagger homie could care less because of his history with this.
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"His Backyard"? Not sure how to take that, but I personally think there's no room for localism in kayaking - the only person that has the right to stake any claim to the M Wave is the landowner - not the boater in question. As a boater, it too bad that he has apparently accepted an attitude that has taken something away from surfing as an inclusionary activity. As a sponsored athlete representing a company, I'm very sure that it's not the way the folks at Watermark would like their company represented. As someone in Marketing that sponsors athletes in a different sport, I would suspect that they would not be pleased with this behavior at all.

Outdoor companies don't make their profits from elite-level, hair boaters and play specialists. They survive from introducing new paddlers to the sport and cultivating their relationship with the average weekend boater. The pro paddlers are paid to inspire others, not to chastise someone for not jumping into a scary, fast wave in a ditch in the middle of nowhere. He needs to grow up & realize how the outdoor industry works, or he won't continue to be paid by it. Might need to memorize this line: "You want fries with that?"
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placerville, Colorado
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access is sensitive and he does have permission from the landowner while few others do. landowner has said that when too many start too show up--it will be shut-down. i understand his feelings, and some ribbing is okay, but he shouldn't have called anyone a faggot. pussy maybe. show up to surf [not hangout] and then leave. would like to have access to this spot for a long time, and it is worth educating [nicely] non-locals on how we can acheive this.
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my friends that were there came to surf and they did, but they were checking out the other groups awesome tricks. They got in a played not stood on the sidelines you are mistaken.
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Anybody spews that shit to me,they are gonna be eating apple sauce through a straw...I don't care if they are little,have glasses or in a wheel chair....What a bunch of punks!

Every time I hear shit like this,I'm glad I'm not part of the kayaking scene...I would have posted the punks name....

Gore was awesome this weekend,Nice work to the racers and folks running the event...To all you rafters,it would have been a little better if you folks through in a little more carnage...Just something to work on for next year....

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placerville, Colorado
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hey buster--i meant generally show up and surf, not directed at your group. and i was being funny about the pussy part. that thing scared the crap out of me when i 1st went. i have always shared alex's frustrations with this spot, but have not agreed with his actions. steven
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loveland, Colorado
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Tell me where the M wave is and I'll give up the goods on the T wave.
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When I was at the M-Wave last week I started thinking about how there is this air of inevitability with that site. Everyone always says "it will get shut down eventually". That sucks. That f-ing wave is unreal. The best in the state really. Shipley and I spent an hour with surveying equipment just trying to understand how it works. And I doubt it could ever be replicated. So why not do something to preserve it? I understand Alex's frustration. But lets channel it. What if a group of paddlers (maybe led by someone who knows the landowner, although the sign says the landowner is the feds so we should confirm that) approached the powers that be and offer to work out a solution preemptively. I can think of a bunch of things right off the bat. Offer to buy an easement that could be maintained by some organization, CWWA or AW maybe. Or work out a "management plan" that has paddlers self policing and doing volunteer work to keep the area from being destroyed. There are most likely some liability issues that need to be dealt with but I would think that we could figure those out. In fact I would be more than willing to use the Ark River Trust's 501c3 to raise money or be a clearinghouse for a save the M-wave effort.

The reality is more and more people are getting into the sport and no one is going to be able to keep a spot secret in this dry ass state so either throw up your hands and say fuck it, or we could try to make it work long term. Any thoughts?....
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