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Anyone recieved an order from these guys in recent history. It's my understanding that they have had some business relocation/productions issues. I am still waiting on a big order in early June. As of late, I can't contact them via tel and the emails go un answered...

Anyone, Anyone -- I could use that 400+ dollars asap if I am not getting my stuff... Bummer 'cause the quickair is a product/tool that could have aleviated some situations I was in this summer.

Disclaimer: I know shit happens, and Jeff Bennett explained that in an email, but were talking some serious out of pocket cash with absolutly no insurance that it totally won't evaporate... When does one just call the credit card company?

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Golden, Colorado
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Hey Prankster,
Check out this link, I wonder if they are gone:


"We have not been successful contacting them to reorder stock and suspect that they have gone out of business."

I bought a brand-new Rapid Air and tried it out for the last part of this season and decided it isn't for me. Get your money back from that order and I'll sell it to you for $175. It probably has about 10 days on it and is still in new condition with the box and all documentation. I don't remember exactly what I paid for it...probably $350 ($370 with tax?)...so I'll give it to you for less than half-price. You can breathe off of it before you buy it...the tank is 2/3 full right now.

To be honest, it feels like I'm carrying a brick in my pocket when I'm wearing it and it is easier to use without a facemask (and I wear a facemask). I don't really paddle much above V- anyways so hopefully I'll be walking around anything that would make me wish I still had an air tank on my chest.

In the future, I am going to just carry a quick air hose. But...if you think the tank is for you then send me email.

[email protected]
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Thanks for the link -- I am actually more excited about the quick air than the rapid air. The tank thing is for different application... I'll give them another week before I dispute the charges -- hell sometimes shit happens. Regardless the quickAir is probably something we should all consider.
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