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prusik .. or tibloc

also, tiblocs are great, light, tiny, and don't tangle. A prussik might perhaps be more versatile, but the tiblocs are FAST to deploy in these rope rescues. They are also easier when adjusting the floating pulley that is out on the tensioned line.

A complete minimalist pin kit could look something like this:

3 of those pulley/biner combo biners
2 tiblocs
15' piece of tubular webbing

that's pretty damn compact and light.

I've had to unwrap a raft, 2 hardshells and four IKs in the last year or so. In the majority of cases, it's extremely helpful to have a brake prusik/tibloc on the system. And I agree you can rarely double back all the way out ot the boat. I carry 70' of spectra, and it's been within 10' of too short at least twice.

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my bad ... was supposed to be on the z-drag thread.
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A word of caution, on those tibloc. They have the potential to shear the rop pretty quickley under a lot of load. If done it twice just playing around with some crevace resue stuff. (They're's a nother petzel product out there called a mini-traxion that is essentially the smae thing -- tibloc incorporated into a pulley.) Personally, I'd much rather have my prussik (or kleimheist) slip rather than shearing the rope and sending projectiles in all directions.

I am not sure which 'biner pulley combo you're refering to, but the DMM do-hickey with the small roller doesn't have a sufficiently large diameter to accomplish what you want a pulley to do (minimize the bend in the rope.) The plastic rollers that fit onto a locking carabiner are good. Nice and light, and they get the job done.

I donlt mean to sound to harsh, just sharing my experience. Just having your kit makes you a safer boat than 90% of the folks I see.
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