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Boy Howdy!
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Proper Groover Placement

So every year starts off like this, we get to camp and I go set the groover upriver of the camp in bulcolic setting with protection from wind and weather under tree branches out of view of the camp with a nice view and a couple of scented candles(citronella) for the ladies, a variety of reading materials that will appeal to everyones literary leanings.
A few people use it after it's all ready and comment on the nice spot.
Then the next morning my buddy who bought the groover as a birthday present for me goes and 10 minutes later he comes back bitching about boats going by and waving to him even talking to him while he's taking his morning constitutional.
Now out of all these years that I have had this task I never get any complaint about how the groover is by the river except from this one freind.
Am I doing the placement and set up of the groover wrong? Is my buddy just off with his timing? What do you all think?

Who's your monkey?
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That's the problem with this only takes one person to screw shit up!!!
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sounds like to me you've found someone to take over groover duty

he who complains can set the shit up himself
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The best views while using a groover are those of the river. It sounds like you do a wonderful job of setting up the bathroom, if your friend has a problem being seen just tell him he can use it at dark.
If you are lucky enough to be in the mountains, you are lucky enough.
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Tell him he should fly the "brown flag" the next time boats come by and talk to him while he is doing his business.

~The Brown flag is done in a Beauty Queen/ Parade wave movement while holding something white and brown commonly found at the groover site.
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if this happens more than once, it sounds like you got a new "Groover Specialist!"
I'll boat til the rivers run dry
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get him a cork
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Denver, Colorado
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Didn't a bunch of rafters get giardia from that set up?

Geez' raftin' is a hassle.i just take my mini shovel and some tp and walk a good distance[1/4 mile min.] from the river, off trail do my bidness and bury it minimize tp,unless it is a permit run where a groover is required.Before you give me shit ,every critter on this earth shits regularly it is natural if it is not too concentrated in one spot it hurts very little.Go where few walk.

It was kind of gross on Fossil ,turds and tp in view of the trail on the way to the falls.Make a better effort than that .
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first tell your buddy if he took a shit at normal times instead of delaying your launch he wouldn't have to worry about boats going by.

If He's ashamed of himself tell him to bring a towel with him to drape over his head when the passerby boats come through. They have no way of identifying him that way.

If they scream or taunt him he should be in perfect position for a retaliatory mooning.

and if he keeps bitching give him a roll of tp and a paper bag and tell him to go find himself a better spot ....
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I think you should re-gift that groover back to you whiny friend, make it his mothers day present. I hope your buddy gets a chance to read this, so he can admit he has a problem. Is he a whiny bitch about other choices too? this is a bad camp, bad kitchen spot, bad hike choice, etc
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