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Three Rivers, California
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Prijon Cali

Since Landis retired there was a gap in Prijon importation but I'm happy to say that it's happening again. We have a container of boats shipping this way on April 16th.

The Pure XL also got a nice update to the top deck too, it looks more modern and solves the folding behind the seat issue, puts a few more gallons in the stern and makes it less prone to loading up and catching the edge behind the seat where the problem area was. The new model is called the Cali.

We are doing some pre-order pricing, so if you liked the Pure XL you can save a good bit of $ with an early buy. Prices don't include shipping but we are going to be quite flexible, if it's ~10 boats we can get a good shipping rate to Colorado or we can ship one at a time for 100-150. We're also happy to help connect boats with people traveling around and will have some in Hood River for easier access too.

Warranty will be three years, two where the shell is covered 100% and the third year it's 70% coverage. We will have warranty shells in stock, so even if we don't import in the future, you won't get the short end of the stick.

$1,099 before April 15th.
$1,149 before May 1st.
$1,199 before May 15th.
$1,249 May 15th and later.

Website in the works, for now [email protected] or give me a ring at 530-526-1700 if you have any questions, or just ask em here. We also have some Pure Mediums on the way as well as the Curve 3.0 and 2.5 river running boats, but less quantity of those.

Thanks - Darin McQuoid

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Any specs on the Cali? Is it bigger than the XL?
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Three Rivers, California
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Same specs as the XL for the width/length, but a couple more gallons in the stern. Right now volume is just estimated, we're waiting to hear back from them when they check this week. Weight is what they are telling us due to new lighter outfitting, we hope it's this light but will weigh again when the container comes in

Length: 8'10"
Width: 27"
Volume: 90 Gallons
Weight: 45lbs
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OTR, Colorado
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That boat looks sick! I love my pure xl, and am not in need of an upgrade at the moment but would like to get in a Cali some day. This seems to imply that availability will be more regular again now and in the foreseeable future?
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Any east coast distribution outside of the above mentioned shipping?
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Three Rivers, California
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We hope to continue to import for the indefinite future, but it's a complicated business with slim margins. Provided we do not lose money we will be importing

East Coast, same thing although we may try to do one big shipment to a good central location out there too. Still have to figure out the details. The boats will arrive in mid May so we are still figuring out details.
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B.V., Colorado
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I really wish this was a post praising the new Prijon Cali I just received. The boat looks great, however, there is a huge problem.....I don't fit.
I am a large frame guy (6'1", ~200lbs) and size 36/38 waist. With ALL the outfitting removed (just plastic) my ass is still to big to sit comfortably in the boat, even in just boxer shorts.
Yes, I bought a boat without sitting in it, but I've paddled the Pure XL for a season and had no problems, so fitting my butt inside was never a worry.
I have paddled jefe's, burns, nomads, habitats, etc.
Are all the guys in Germany skinny jean wearing dandies?
Really Prijon, you made a 90 gallon creek boat nearly 9' long, and if your waist size is larger than 35" you can't fit? Really? What's the deal?
It appears you could be nearly 8' tall and fit just fine as long as you are skinny waisted. No amount of weight loss would make me fit, my hip bones are literally to big to sit inside with NO outfitting other than the plastic seat!
So disappointed. Not sure what my options are for stuffing myself in the boat at this point.
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Prijon Cali

A JK karma or Zen come to mind!

This is good news for KSC! His is sure to fit him well!

Bummer, dude.

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that is a real bummer man, I hope you can get it to fit. I am 6'3 280 and liked the pure xl. I was a bit to big for it, but I was hoping the Cali would be bigger.

What is it you dont fit about the boat? seat width? cockpit height? Have you tried the seat all the way forward?

I'd like to look it over some time this season if thats cool with you.

hope you get it dialed
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I just got mine as well and sat in it last night. I was expecting to have to put a ton of shims in to get it tight enough in the waist and that really wasn't a problem so I could see how you'd have issues fitting.

I'm worried about the opposite problem being on the lower end of the weight spectrum (of course I knew this could be an issue when ordering it). The knees are waay higher with a ton more volume there than I'm used to in the Nomad 8.5. Feels bigger than when I sat in a Pure XL, but it's probably my imagination.

I'll just have to see how it feels on the water.

It seems like retrofitting the seat is your alternative. I've heard some people who didn't like to seat in the Pure ripped out the old one and built a foam seat, or threw in a seat from another boat. Kind of a pain in the ass though.
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