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Poudre Narrows Downriver Race

Come on come all...

The call is made...

Wednesday evening a downriver race on the narrows from above super collider to the bottom of lowers will comence, teams of two, shotgun/boatercross start 0.25 miles above super, meeting at TEDS AT 5:30pm.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. This a low key unsponsored gig. Ice cream rules also apply mmmnnnn....

What's at stake? Bragging rights through the winter and possible a case of new belguims finest (Adrian, Tye, Frenchy?).

This is somewhat freeform so if someone has some suggestions feel free to mention them and we will get a consensus before the start. But for everyone in Denver of Routte County don't expect us to take your suggestions to seriously.

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Oh Yeah!

I wish Todd was around so I could punish him. Leif you are going down. Paul you don't have a chance, Walter, don't even think about it. Dot-Com. keep dreeaming. JJ, don't even show up. Marrty, maybe if you can break away from Polo, Adrian, well your a designer, no chance. Frenchy. . . pretty good chance. Peaches, well . . . your name is PEACHES, nough said.

Anyway I will dominate all of you. I can't wait!
hey diddle diddle...
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um yeah. it is on. but leave it to life-child for the pre-mature rules post.

not sure what the consensus was/is but boater x through super collider is a little ambitious. i don't see a whole lot of peeps up there running the collider on a regular basis much less dropping in to it with three other dudes charging for the one real line that exists at this flow. the real problem is that if somebody blows it they may inevitably end up out of control heading into cabbage shredder, which has some definite real dangers involved.

lower narrows on the other hand does make a great boatercross rapid so my suggestion is a timed race from the super down and a boaterx through lowers and then the declaration of an overall narrows masters champion of the poudre.

i also think a few of us should get together and look for a sweet prize. maybe the mshop or rma would like to donate one??? maybe we can have a belt buckle or flask inscribed or something. a piece of art like the green race glass would be sik.

any volunteer timers? we need one at the top and one at the bottom. also any spectators who come should bring a throw bag and maybe a pfd.

i think being responsible for your own safety is a good plan with a timed event. with a boaterx you are just asking for carnage so running your own safety is kind of dangerous. with a lowers x we can run safety for each others heats between our own heats.

and what's the deal with the partners. was the original idea to race your partner boater x or what? oh and lotsa - just try and stay in your boat alright. we should probly have a consolation prize ready for the ic man if he can just keep his skirt on through the entire race.
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ummn pete thats a lot of big trash talk for such a little man. I mean if this season has been any indication you pull your skirt up more than a soriety girl at her first kegger.

and dot.com, step off a little, just trying to get the ball rolling with this thing so we can actually get it done, jossshhh! maybe some personal insecurities about you boating abilities are coming out since you've been on the family vaca and looking for the 8-5er to much to boat anything lately.

the thought was to start boatercross far enough upstream of super collider to allow for the pack to spread out and be somewhat single file by the time we got there. I mean really, who can keep up with a 6'5" norweigan hulk of a man I'm confident you'll be sucking my wake by super. I mean the norsk learn to swim and rule the water before getting diapers.

its a throw down, hoe down. lets get it on...
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All I know is the CFS is coming in hot with paul the agent behind the wheel so watch out fools. "Paul the kayaker to the tower." "please clear the grid for take off." And lender boy, watch your back because I plan to pee on you, you might as well just bring the case of ice cream. Good luck being scared the rest of the day.

P the A out
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alright forcy-poo. you want to race super collider boater x we will race the super boater x but when it's just me and you in the straight away above the boof you better bet that i'm going to stick you in the eddy line and not look back as you drop backwards into the hole for a little surf session.

anyway, if this was the format (mass start super collider down) can we get a rough count on entrants versus if this was a timed affair. so WHO IS IN?
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a'ight ladies, i'm back in the office after a nice little vacay on tatlow & then on the beach.

pete-lotsasnorkel: um, yeah. what evan said. your credibility is nil at this point.

evan dotcom: maybe you should be holding a couple bags for petey in middle narrows since you're too scared to race SC & since he's gonna swim one of those no-name rapids down there anyway.

leif: mass start is dirty. here's the thing to do. line up a couple peli cases & buy some cheapass stopwatches from costco. break the field down into teams of two & have enough (or at least close to it) watches/boxes for each team. have a couple girlfriends or non-racers be official timekeepers at the start of the race & at the takeout. the timekeeper makes sure the team is ready & then pushes "start" on the watch, & hands it to the racer. the racer then puts the watch in the box, seals the box, & he & his partner run to the starting eddy (time's running at this point). the team then has to race the whole section as fast as they can, all the while keeping an eye on each other. at the bottom, both racers have to climb out of the river & run, with their boats, up to the parking turnout where the takeout timekeeper is stationed. they hand the *un-opened* peli case to the timekeeper,, who then opens the case, stops the stopwatch & records the time. you can launch teams in 30-second intervals. doing it this way ensures that each racer has at least *someone* *dedicated* to their safety, & in some ways best reflects a "real" creek run (as opposed to solo mad bombing) because it encourages some measure of team work. it also eliminates the "who crossed the line first?" confusion because the clock don't lie.
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Well Well Well. . .

Todd/Carson Daily, had to bring up old shit. Aren't you hiking out of some gorge in Peru yet? Haven't heard from you in a while, those ballet lessons must be gettin pretty tough.

I like the team race, Life, I'll team up with your mom, she's real real fast.

Paul the agent, you already got a taste of what can happen when you try to take a shot at the title, you get pushed in the hole, and not in a good way.

Poor showing from the elders, besides Mr. Gillman not one word. Turn the hearing aids up fellas.
hey diddle diddle...
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You guys are silly....Pete I want my pyrhana hat back, that sotar hat smells like shit. I hope I can make it over there to watch at least cuz all this trash talking is entertaining...and I love beer and ice cream.
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