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Poudre Closure: Who Has Information?

Incident web indicates that the road is closed from Ted's up to Stove Prairie road, with Stove Prairie itself also closed. Sad day for us ratones del Poudre.

Anyone know any good info? How long y'all reckon it may be closed? Who wants to road trip to Buena?

Dude, I'd see you on the river but I'm hardly ever out there.
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Call your boss, he's no doubt been on the phone with the Forest Service already. I don't want to spread rumors but I'll post what I learn.
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Road closed and mandatory evacuation in place for the Poudre. The view looking up from Ted's is not pretty. There are going to be some tough times for folks who live up there--best goes out to all impacted. Just missing out on some boating is nothing compared to the many folks who will probably lose their homes up in the canyon--this fire is really, really bad.
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I was up there yesterday morning until about 1:30. It was insane how the fire grew in that time. At 9am we didn't notice it. By 1 the sky was red, ash was everywhere... it sucks.
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We came across Stove Prairie in the morning at 9:30ish and saw a little smoke, thought is was the South Poudre wilderness fire. We paddle through 3 way rapid about 11:00, looked behind us and there was a big smoke cloud. It conitnued to get worse so we raced out to BTO to go back and get our cars out of there. Praying for everyone and thing up there.
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The fire has expanded very rapidly. Poudre Park was evacuated and at the briefing this morning the sheriff reported it reached there (I don't recall whether it reached PP at midnight or they evacuated at midnight). From the air, he reported it appeared that maybe 8 or so structure (not houses - these could be sheds) were lost or damaged. From the 287 overpass, it looked to me like there were multiple isolated spot fires at the lower edge of the mountains - i.e. just west of Bellvue, in the immediate vicinity of Lory State Park and the subdivision.

inciweb.org is a good site for official information.

wildfiretoday.com has a map as of 3:20 am from satellite (MODIS) imagery. Their estimate from the imagery, with the normal caveats about possible mis-classification of imgery, was that it appeared about 20,000 ac.

Wish for the best for the many people that have had to evacuate, contribute to Red Cross, which is again generously running the shelters, and do your rain dances.

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If you are interested in hearing what is going on, listen to the Larimer County Fire and EMS radio band:

Larimer County Fire and EMS Live Scanner Audio Feed

In the last few minutes they have been talking a lot about the fire in the Poudre canyon specifically, and last I heard the first hand report was that the fire has not yet crossed the river, which is a bit contrary to the thermal imagery.
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Just got off the phone with one of my best friends/boater buddies. He lost his entire home and his now homeless. I'm shocked,this is terrible....

I hope to god this wasn't human-caused
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My guess is that the canyon will be closed for at least a week, if not much longer. There is currently 0 percent containment of a fire that has just jumped the river and is moving north and is growing with ease. There is nothing but hot, dry weather in the forecast. This is not going to end anytime soon.
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I've had ( we believe it to be gone) a house in Poudre Park for many years, maybe you've noticed the kayaks sticking out of the ground just passed Columbine Lodge. My house here in Ft Collins has room for any displaced boaters from the canyon. 970 217 2398 ask or Mike
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