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Playboat suggestions?

After paddling my Riot Turbo 52 for a couple seasons, I'm looking for something a bit more forgiving. I like how carvy and fast the turbo is on a wave, but the boat is almost too edgy. Last season I paddled a bunch of new playboats( L.L. Vision, W.S EZG,Pyranha 0-7,). Out of all of them, I actually liked an older Dagger G-force. Any other suggestions for a fun, forgiving playboat that surfs and spins well but is also a pretty forgiving boat-hull speed would be nice too-as long as it's not a pearl diver.

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pnw, Colorado
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Well, sorry for the plug but I have crazy 88 for sale on gearswap.
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Metro Area, Colorado
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I have an EZG50 and really like it a lot. It has been a great all-around boat. It has great handling abilities while playing, but also handles very well while river-running.
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Get the Kingpin. Only last years however as any ones before leak like a sieve.
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There are a ton of great options out there today including the Vision, Star series, 420, Seven0, Project, Kingpin, EZG and more.

From the ones you and others have mentioned so far here are a few benefits of each:

The Vision is a great do everything playboat that excells in both waves and holes. Due to the tucked in rail system it is fast and remains very 'carvy' while still being more forgiving than a totally flat sidewall playboat. River running capabilities are good for a freestyle boat.

The EZG's are a great choice for a forgiving river running playboat that does both well.

The Kingpin as someone mentioned is a classic freestyle boat that has performed well in all types of play features. Also, for 2006 they are coming out with a progresive, affordable price of $799.

The Star series has gotten great reviews from all types of paddlers, won lots of events, doesn't leak (interior mounted outfitting) and also has an affordable price tag.

The Seven0 would be a good way to go for a comfotable, fast river runner that retains top notch freestyle capabilities.

New designs for 06 include the Project from Wavesprt and the 420 from Pyranha. Both look to be exceptional new designs culminating all the recent progression in freestyle boats. Both are currently available for 06.

None of the boats mentioned above are 'divers', all having good rocker in the right places.

Hope that helps..

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If you want the best playboat out there then you need to try the new Wave Sport Project 52. The hype hasn't had a chance to build up yet, but it will! I paddled the proto-type all late-summer, and then got the production model at the end of the year. It is the most incredible boat I have ever paddled. I even had some Dagger paddlers get into it at a "secret wave." One of them claimed they wanted one, and the other paddler gave it mad props...Seriously! This boat is by far the fastest, loosest, easiest to throw around, huge looper, short, air playboat on the market. It is a touch aggressive, but nothing like the edginess of a Riot playboat.

I am biased, but it doesn't matter because this boat will prove how amazing it is all by itself!

Mark Olson
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Re: Playboat suggestions?

Originally Posted by otter
After paddling my Riot Turbo 52 for a couple seasons, I'm looking for something a bit more forgiving.
Just making sure everyone is paying attention and not just trying to get someone into a boat because they are getting a hookup of their own.
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yo mrekid,
what the h are you tring to say, all i read is constructive comments. if your last post was inresponse to marko's post, who gives a flying f if he is hooked up; he was just informing on a boat that had little mention above. i have heard great things about this boat too, from all kinds of folks. he also disclosed his status.
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Denver, Colorado
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You make a very notable observation, and I agree that Otter is looking to find a boat that is a bit more forgiving (not too edgy or isn't a pearl diver)than his Turbo. This is why I mentioned the Project 52, because it isn't as edgy as a Turbo, and also has better kick rocker that makes it less likely to be a pearl diver. He also said it would be nice to find a boat that has hull speed as well, and again the Project has this.

I also believe that the header of this post is "Playboat suggestions" The Project 52 is a playboat.

I hope this cleared up any misperceptions that I was trying to coax a paddler into **trying** a boat because I am "getting a hook up of my own." My only intention was to give him a suggestion.
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Wow some serious hostility from the the kids. How about this, rather than get into a pissin match, lets be frank here. My point is there is an obvious bias in the post. I am not trying to piss you boys off, but then again it looks like you are a couple of trollers from out of town searching a Colorado site. Wht I am trying to point out though is that likley we are talking about a boater who may not be pro calliber and therefore may not be served best in the hottest new playboat. My personal belief is that boats have only become more specialized in the last 5 years and particularly the last 2-3. I dont know about you guys but I consisytently run low volume class 5 in a playboat as we in Colorado arent graced with alot of water most of the year. So I get what I can when I can. Over the last 3 years boats have become so specialized particularly for wave surfing and aerial manuvers. The crazy 88 is a prime example. In all of the hole I am privy to paddling in I found the kingpin to be a superior boat. Granted I didnt spend any time on a big wave with the boat. Thus the point I am trying to illustrate is that when someone says they are looking for a less edgy boat I take that to me a lower performance design. I know you all are about to jump my S*%@ on this but here is why. The project is a shorter version of the zg. I concluded this after a couple days of paddling the second to last and the final prototype, when Chan had them in Steamboat. In order to make the boat effective they need to maintain the surface area of the hull thus shorter equals wider. I found the boat to have greater tendancy to grab when sideways than the zg. I have also paddled the turbo and found it to be comparable to the project in terms of its tendancy to grab. Now I can say the hole was stomping and it is not a great testing ground for this design. I believe this boat looks great and will be a great design for the upcoming year. I do not believe however that this is the boat I want to put an aspiring playboater in as I feel the learning curve may be to steep. The fact is you cant have your cake and eat it to, high performance does not equal forgiving.
My two cents
Besides who wants to pay top dallar for a regurgitation of the Jackson star series!
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