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playboat advice

I am trying to pick out my first playboat, and looking for some help distinguishing a few models. I am 5'6", 145 pounds. looking at the EZ and the ZG, but I cannot figure out what is better about each one. Also wondering about the EZG, is that just a bigger model?I already have a down river boat that I am happy with, so this will be mostly used for parks. Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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Here are the differences between the ZG, EZ, and EZG:

The ZG is a playboat only, although it is really not that bad at river-running. For your height and weight I would go with the ZG 48; you are actually in a perfect height and weight range for this size.

The EZG is the new and improved EZ, and it is considered a river runner/playboat. The EZG has 3 sizes (42, 50, and 60 gallons) You would want the EZG50. Basically, Wave Sport took the EZ and improved the hull speed, length, and comfort factor(higher knee area) They made the EZG's a little shorter than the EZ's, which makes it a little better for cartwheeling, and spins in CO playparks.

The EZ is also a river runner/playboat; its big brothers are the BigEz, and the SuperEz. These boats are still good, and the lower price range makes it a great choice.

If you are an agressive paddler and wanting to do all of the aerial moves then the ZG is a good option. If you are just getting into the playboating thing and looking for a good boat to learn the basic playboating moves then the EZG would be the way to go.

I hope this helped.
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That was everything I ever wanted to know, thank you so much for your help. Looks like I will be in the ZG soon!
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Before you buy also take a demo spin in the WS Project. It's close to the ZG but a tiny bit more playful.

And always DEMO before you buy.
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The ZG is a great boat. I know the WS Team guys might blast me for not pushing the newest stuff, but I like the ZG better. And, it has very little to do with design performance.

For me I'm between sizes in the Project. The 52 is too small and at 185lbs I'm too small to be in the 62. The ZG 54 fits perfect. You might feel the same way in the ZG 48.

I've been boating for 15+ years and I don't know how many new tricks this old dog is going to pick-up. So, I base my boats on comfort and not "ultra" wave or hole performance. Others might base their decisions on price, or how easy is it to roll.

Hint: the boat that fits you the best is usally the easiest to roll.
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I hear you Don its like ski boots anymore, comfort is king! However I have to say I have more room in my Project than I did in my ZG54. I'm about 175 and almost 6'2. When I consider the amount of "pop" that the Project gives and how loose it is compared to the ZG... Its a no brainer.
The tricks just get bigger and better with the improved boat designs, even for us old dawgs!

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don't limit yourself

The most common (and least biased) thing that you will ever hear when there is a "what boat should I buy" thread is the following....

if at all possible, demo demo demo

a refinement of that statement would be that you should demo several boats at the same spot, FOR A LONG TIME, while tweaking outfitting often, to get a real feel for the boat.

Having said that. Why are you limiting yourself to WaveSport boats? Not that they are bad.... it just seems that you might be better suited for making a choice between the ZG, DragoRossi Stinger,Pyranha 420, LL Vision(though not my recommendation)

what boats do your friends have? Their opinions will impact you (whether or not they have any design experience), and more importantly, you might be able to borrow some boats to really figure out what you are looking for
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Thanks Brian,

I am definately not limiting myself to Wavesport. I used to sell Prijon's and Daggers at a local shop, and was just never really impressed with either. The Daggers leaked and the outfitting wasn't perfect. And I just don't like the Prijon play boats even though they make some of the better touring boats available.
I thought I would start with the Wave Sports, and unfortunately you can't get any specific info from the manufacturer's web site or catalogues. And if you don't ask about specific models here, you will be told that every boat on the market is perfect for you.
with that said, thank you everybody. I have been getting the specific info I was hoping for. You should all start a consulting business!

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I mean Thank you Scott, I don't know who Brian is, but I am sure he is out there
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