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Pinned Prijon 225 at Cardiac on the Poudre

Hi Folks,

One of our party snapped a paddle right above cardiac and ended up swimming. The boat is still stuck there. If anyone gets to it or it flushes she'd be very greateful to hear from you. She can be contacted [email protected] or the phone number in the boat.


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thanks Rick. We are going to get up there today I think to try and get it out. It's an orange creeker, pinned amongst the logs and railroad ties directly behind the big rock river left on "cardiac corner" of poudre park. Don't think it's going anywhere, but just in case...
at least this time I had an excuse for a swim (I guess I should get an off-side roll!) My right paddle blade snapped clear off the shaft. bummer.
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Nicole, that's a bummer. Mark had an epic with a broken paddle this year as well. We all should get on the water some time. ~Jamie (Lawson-Dumont run).
"When the going gets weird, the Weird turn pro" -HST
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Thanks Jamie, I know- Mark had the same thing happen just last week on the Numbers. Sounds like I had a much easier swim than he did.
We had such a great run yesterday besides- had several great rolls in rapids in upper and lower mish. oh well... it's always something with this sport.
Nick is going up today to try and get my boat back, what a good boyfriend. Let's get out again soon, providing I get my boat back. Otherwise, I can take on a easier going section in my playboat!
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If you guys don't get it today, you should probably let the sheriff know just so they don't get worried about a person being with it. Should probably do that anyway.

PS - I'm the guy who ferried the extra boat over to you.
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Good idea about telling the sheriff when you leave a boat pinned. I left a boat in Clear Creek 4 or 5 years ago. Some passing motorist on highway 6 told me that they had just called 911 so I had my wife go to town and call 911 and tell them to forget about it and she described my boat and location.
Later that week the Golden Fire Dept. called me down to the station to get my boat that they had stolen from its pinned location. They tried to give me a bill for over $2,000 from their swift water team. They were JERKS about it. They totally ambushed me. Said, come on down...we have your boat. Then when I got there they tried to charge me $2,000. The 911 tapes shut them up and they "gave" me my boat for free after they called dispatch and listened to the tapes of my wife telling them to not worry about the pinned boat.
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thanks guys- actually, the poudre valley fire and rescue were holding a brat sale there at Ted's yesterday. We stopped and told them about the boat, and they radioed in the details, so we should be covered. The last thing I'd want to do is waste those guys' time or alarm anyone.
If they hadn't been there, guess we would have called 911? Too bad there's not a non-emergency number for such a report, but I've heard that calling the sheriff's office and leaving a message may not be enough- that 911 is the way to go.

thanks very much for the boat assistance up there!
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Case of beer?? Just kidden glad you are ok.
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The boat is no longer there at Cardiac- if all you mid-week poudre paddlers could keep your eye out downstream I would be grateful.
Thanks very much to frenchy, pete, and nick who went up there to probe for it. I just hope it turns up!
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Just got a call this morning from a Rapid Transit raft guide who got my boat for me!! I am thrilled :P
I had pretty much written it off yesterday after Corey and I headed up to investigate a pinned boat he had seen in the FP section. Turned out my boat didn't make it that far- it was found at the lower end of Bridges, above the diversion dam.
Once again, I am amazed and overjoyed at the good karma that's out there on rivers. This is a unique sport in that sort of brother-sister-hood we are all a part of. YAY!
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