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Pine River below the Vallecito Res?

Has anyone run the Pine below the Vallecito Res to Bayfeild? I am sure there is not too much action in there but it is flowing. All of the spots I have seen do not have rapids but it is fast moving water. Getting bored and need a break from Rockwood. With no travel scrilla you need to be creative. If nobody has any beta I'll check it out and let you know.

PS- if anybody wants to donate some plastic, the Florida is running 200 cfs. After running it at 1000 cfs last year I can't bring myself to boat it this year. Florida at 1000 cfs is one of the wildest rides I have had, it will probably be another 10 years before is happens unless someone knows the dam keeper? Sward? Anybody.... I would be happy to sweeten the deal with a 30 pack. That would make a sweet fall run!

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I wish I knew them. i got a call from them once to pick up my makeshift zamboni from the lake before the ice melted. They were pretty cool about it.

We were doing the F at about 300 regularly just to get wet. It was fun. I too ran it high, I think it was 7-800. I was surprized how quick it went. the drops around the obaro got meaty...

will likely be watching some beavers do some work around my frontage when the water drops, let me know if you want to come watch.

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So does that quote mean Helen Keller ran the shit?

hey show some respect it's the Los Pinos,they hav'nt passed that racist English only bullshit yet. jk
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I ran the pine a couple of years ago. we went from a friend's private access below the dam to the bend in cr 501 where the bridge is. we had to sneak out because it is all private there. there were some good hidden surf waves in that stretch. there are also some rock weirs for fish habitat like in mesa canyon on the juan. landowners are very strict in there and our whole float was bordered by private land. one guy followed us along the bank until we passed his land! there may be a public access above where we put in, and i haven't gone below the bridge towards town. i hear there may be fences and there has got to be diversions for irrigation. the next possible take out would be at the 160 bridge, unless you know someone along there. let me know how it turns out.
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How's the wood situation on the Florida this year? Last year there were a couple logs behind Helen's Store. I would be willing to donate some plastic if you can get down at 200. Give me a call 799-3179. Next week after work would work best for me, but I might be able to swing something quick this weekend.

This has been a very bad year for me getting in my kayak. I have been rafting the family mostly. What are the logistics like for Rockwood Box? Is it most of a day to hike in, run and hike out? Is it on the lower end of Class IV or higher? (as I haven't been in my boat much this year). I would love to go if someone wouldn't mind taking a first timer.

I can't say that hitting every line possible in the town run is helping my skills. I need to step up to something soon, but I don't need to go Class V right away.
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As for the Pine River. There is a public takeout/put-in at the bridge going to the Pine River Ranches about a mile ds of the 501 bridge (and a lot easier access). This is probably private land, but many fishermen use the area without problems.
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rchristianson, I am interested in putting in at the bridge up by the dam and floating it to the river park in Bayfield as I do not know if any other access. I am hiking emerald lake this weekend but I will give you a call on Monday or Tuesday at the latest for an after work run. I did get a PM from Mr G stating that there are fences to deal with but I am still in for a little aventure, I'll bring a piece taped to my back Die Hard style for hostle land owners.

I think I am good on the Florida unless it comes up alot.

Rockwood beta:
I would say from my house on Rio Vista (by N City Market) with drive it is a max 3 hour trip. I would say the run is class IV around +/- 500cfs. When it hits 300 or lower it just gets boney and the pin potential goes up. At 500 it is fun with one good boof in red rocks and gardian is fun. For those that do not know the train people are getting really picky. There is a window from 11am to ~2pm and then after 5:30pm. Try to be respectful of these time frames becuase if we fuck with them they could shut the access off and really start enforcing. I have been threatened but the sherrif never shows up.
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Surfgod, I'm down to do either. I've got Monday and Tuesday off. A friend of mine has ran the Pine a few times and I'll try to get some more beta from him. I'm sure we can figure out the logistics...

I've got an extra Stubby and an old Topo you can scratch up.

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Dito for respecting the trains' people on Rockwood. A group of us had the Sheriffs called on us early this season, but we beat 'em to the parking lot and high-tailed it outa there.

Rockwood can be done in less than 3 hours town-to-town, if your moving. It's an easy class 4 at this level;bony, but fun. Enjoy it while you can!
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Dam down...

I ran the stretch a few times about 5 years ago. We took rafts and a slew of kayaks. It was great class III and beautiful scenery. One time towards the bottom we had the Sheriff called on us. We had to go over with him the whole public waterway talk...we took out at the 160 bridge in Bayfield...hope this helps, have fun, run the dam! B
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