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steamboat, Colorado
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Paddling Life Magazine

As many of you may have heard, Eugene Buchanan and the Paddler crew recently left to start a new publication, Paddling Life. Their mission: Promote the paddling lifestyle in all forms. They wanted freedom of expression. All the disciplines, at their core, are cool. It's an easy concept: Paddling is the shit.

Today, their website goes live. Check it out at They've brought paddling news to one place and left the forum alone. That's what sites like the Buzz are for.

Their flavor is definitely recognizable in their Paddling Life Exclusives and by hiring a new contributor, Dr. Aqua, to write The Life column.

Check it out:

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Looks great, good job Routte

However I am a little concerned with the over the top, slobbing on a
Mr. Todd Gilman. He's pretty cool but c'mon, "poster child" might be a bit much.
hey diddle diddle...
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Routte County

I just hope you guys did'nt bring along the graphic designer from Paddler. That was still 80's design style in 2006. It would probably would have come back in style retro in a few more years. Now if you could just do something about that overrated county your still based in. I heard Routte County does'nt even drink booties after a swim. You guys should dispell that myth by posting some Routte County booty drinking photo's here.
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steamboat, Colorado
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but if we did:

and by the way, the new mag is going to be a larger format = larger photos.
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I heard Fort Collins paddlers buy ice cream for everyone when they swim. How gay is that. Larimer County makes Routte County look good. At least they ain't afraid of whiskey in ROutte County. One thing that's for sure you gotta drink a booty when you swim, that's a law, plain and simple. Even more important than drinking the beer bong when offered.
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Steamboat, Colorado
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Make sure you know what you're talking about before you spout off at the mouth...I drank three booties this past season bro and I live in the Boat. The video to prove it will follow....
shit talkers man, seriously

Nice work latenight...well said.
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Awesome Conmihupa, good to see your not breakin the law and your gettin the booty done. Getting drunk sitting in a kayak and drinking from the Shotyak in a bar is definately cool. More bars need Shotyaks. Maybe Paddling Life will have instructions on how to build a Shotyak. However it is not and will never be a substitute for drinking a booty. Paddling Life should do an ODE TO THE BOOTY with a 2-Page collage of Booty Drinking. DO you think there are actually people who buy eachother ice cream? Maybe those people thought their friends said we're going gayaking and got all stoked.
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Saw the pre-press stuff for PL- nice. New designers, new paper, I think the format may be large enough to even fit up to three fat-headed Eagle boaters in one spread.

Also, I know I have personally handed out hundreds of beers to you buzzards out there in the name of a certain magazine- now it's time for some reciprocation. Get over here get a subscription, and support your next free buzz.
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Congratulations to Eug and the rest of the guys invovled in the new magazine. This has been a long time coming and I am sure it is going to be great - website looks awesome and the mag will be even better. Hope you guys had a great summer and enjoy the winter - hope its a good one. If you get a chance send me a mag sometime - cheap postage.

Whiskey's for drinkin' and waters for fightin'
- Mark Twain
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Boatin' bros and bras,

I hope you have been enjoying the new website that was created here in Steamboat Springs, CO. There is some great content already up, plus story links on the home page. We are extremely excited about Paddling Life and Whitewater Life magazines.

Over the years, boating around Colorado I have paddled with lots of folks and passed out a hell of a lot of mags for free. This time around, some of us will be heckling you dirtbags to actually subscribe! The talents that brought you excellent editorial in the past will combine with a fresh and cutting edge designer, to set the bar high in the paddling magazine world. We would love the support of the boaters that know us. Please consider subscribing, even if it is just to Whitewater Life [i] .

Check us out and we will be praying for some heavy snow fall this winter, low winds, and a stellar 2007 paddling season!

Nick Hinds
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