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OVER-ALL standings for GCR '05.....

......Please look and realize that these are not the final results and they may change dramaticly after next week.

We are taking your best 3 placements of the 4 rodeos and you must compete in 2 of the 4 rodeo to be eligable to place. Some peolpe have only been to 2 rodeos, so they have a ZERO add in, while others have been to all three.

The break down is this:
1st=10 points
7th, 8th, 9th, ...=1

Plus, any FUN CATEGORIES that you win adds 2pts to your over-all point total.

Mens Expert

Brook 30 1st
Eric Bissel 20 2nd
Reed 14 3rd
Brain Horan 13 4th
Phill 9 5th
Zach Mitchell 7 6th
Chad Crabtree 7 6th
Fred 6 8th
Kyle Mc. 4 9th
Mike G. 3 10th
K-Mark 3 10th
Charlie 1 12th
Taylor Beavers 1 13th

Mens Intermediate

Mathew R. 28 1st
Mark Cohen 24 2nd
Adam Casanova 17 3rd
Tom 15 4th
Brian Felse 10 5th
peter 10 5th
Preston 10 5th
Steve P. 9 7th
James Casanova 9 7th
Brian Smith 8 9th
Luke 7 10th
Marc Tartiff 6 11th
Brent 5 12th
Amir 4 13th
Eric Howel 3 14th
Ken G. 3 14th
Stephen 0 16th

Mens Sport

Mac 25 1st
Andrew 14 2nd
Luke 10 3rd
Stephen 10 3th
Karl 10 3th
Steve 6 5th
Eric 6 5th
Matt N. 6 8th
Brittan 4 9th
Zack 3 10th


Byron 22 1st
Newton 20 2nd
Gary 18 3rd
Tim 10 4th
Christof 8 5th
Robert 6 6th
Craig 6 6th
Dick 5 8th
David 5 8th


Ryan 21 1st
Zack Mitchell 18 2nd
Merrit 16 3rd
Brian H. 10 4th
Erik 8 5th
Jack 4 6th

Women's Expert

Tracey 20 1st
Stephanie 18 2nd

Women's Intermediate

Maya 30 1st
Danielle 24 2nd
Sandrin 18 3rd
Kelly 8 4th

Women's Sport

Kris 26 1st
Jennifer 22 2nd
Cathy 16 3rd
Laurey 11 4th
Sandrin 10 5th
Alice 8 6th
Susan 8 6th
Lori 8 6th
Lauren 6 8th

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One more time, before the last rodeo.

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