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OT: Only in Boulder

...or maybe Routt County last week:


Join up, suckas.

"People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid."
- Soren Kierkegaard
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Thanks for sharing. It's been a long day at work and I needed that laugh.
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Only in Boulder. That was great! Best part was what the joint was rolled with...

F'ing Boulder!
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I find it most amusing that the off duty cop found another golf club and tried to subdue the guy with it. Doesn't seem like a particularly smart move, both legally and logically. Hehee.......its a good thing these guys aren't rich, otherwise I'm sure some big civil suit would insue about the right to troll in the bubble. Ahh Boulder..........I miss thee.

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only in Boulder....

Yes, it’s true there are a plethora of insane ideas and laughable policies in hatched in Boulder. I mean, how ridiculous. Can you even imagine that planners in 1957 actually adopted a guide for growth for Boulder and vicinity. The nerve of these idiots to become the first American city to establish a tax dedicated to the acquisition and maintenance of open space lands—in 1976. I’m also sure that you were all up in arms while in grade school just a few years ago, when the radical idea of limiting smoking in public places was initiated. My god, what an interesting debate this generated. Forward thinking icons like Peter Boyles and John Caldara got lots of time with incessant talk debate and editorial about political rights violations effecting property owners. We all know that second hand smoke is not problematic. In fact, don’t we all love that fine smell when we sit in a hole or paddle at Golden, or take out in other great picnic spots. Over 1,000 cities in the U.S. now have similar policies. Let’s forget about other ventures such as the Boulder Creek watershed study by the City of Boulder and the USGS. Can you even imagine such behavior by a city to actually throw money at an in-depth analysis of Boulder Creek water quality. Valuable money that could be used on road improvements (a nationwide favorite) to measure several parameters not normally regulated or considered to be problematic in streams. Oh, I forgot the aging and outdated water park designed by Gary Lacey. Look at this thing. Although certainly outdated, it was one of the first water parks built in the west, and this obviously flawed Boulderite has gone on to design other playparks around the west, as well. Stupid Boulderites (this should be a good one to grab on to as everyone surely has an opinion on how a playpark should be designed etc). As we all know, making change certainly comes from the top down. We know that the individuals or small meaningless communities have no business in trying to make a change! F…ing Boulder is right. That’s why we are in such a thriving state of things led by such a powerhouse of thought—the shrub.

Go get em boys. I’m sure you’ll have a good time poking at this one. To be honest though...it is funny to get the ribbing at work in Lakewood or in the new or wherever. I'm from Boulder and I"m proud. Don't you just love it here, where the poor and the very weathy roam. Screw the middle class anyway.
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Here is another drug-induced interesting story that i bookmarked from a few years ago... I have to read it everynow and then for a laugh..


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Hey deckhand

I'll have what the gentleman with his pant's around his knees is having

Hey Danab

Did you forget your coffee this morning or what? I don't have a problem with Boulder. Except for the traffic and way too many people in such a small place. Oh yeah - the little punk asses with the north face coats panhandling on Pearl. I agree - Boulder was pretty cool in the 70's, then the yuppies moved in. Hey every city has it's problems.
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way too much coffee...

In fact, I almost drank a whole thermos of the stuff. boing...boing...boing--better get to work.
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danab--I lived in boulder for 5 years. I have many fond memories of my time there, still miss being there very much, and find myself up there several times a month, but...

Let's get real here. The People's Republic of Boulder is pretty amusing. They have enacted a lot of great laws, and have pioneered many great endeavours, but still its the "nose up in the air" attitude of Boulderites that sucks.

Boulder---the most liberal town in such a conservative way. Your neighbors hate you if you don't recycle. Boulder may be for liberal causes, but the way its people enforce those causes is quite smug.

So when you read a story as posted above, my first thought...F'ing Boulder!
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Here is my favorite Boulder story...


in short the public library in Boulder wouldn't display the american flag because it is offensive, but 22 colorful ceramic penises? No problem.

overhead was a clothesline, from which dangled 22 colorful ceramic penises. But no one so much as whimpered about their inclusion until longtime library director Marcelee Gralapp vetoed putting a ten-foot-by-fifteen-foot American flag outside the entrance for fear that it might "offend" someone.
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