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scottsdale, Arizona
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newbie questions for some one with alot of whitewater kayaking experiance!!

this is probably a bunch of stuff you have herd a million times, i dont want to bore any one so if you have time and feel like helpin me out message me!! thanks alot

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scottsdale, Arizona
Paddling Since: new
Join Date: Jul 2007
Posts: 6
...or in case some one wants to answer here..sorry if you have already herd this one, ive been to a few stores here in phoenix but cant find any one who knows anything

im 21, bout 4 years ago i went on a 3 week kayak trip thru northern az, southern utah, and a few places in colorado, best thing that ever happened to me. obviously i was no pro, but im sure ive lost it all. ive finally got enought (bout 1500) to get me a kayak, im mainly interested in a whitewater river kayak, kinda enjoy the whole adreneline thing(also into rock climbin, mountain bikin etc)

also, no one i know is remotly interested in anything besides partyin, no complaints there however im way active and get bored partyin on a daily basis, not to mention there isnt much kayakin in phoenix, how did you all meet your kayakin friends, before you started, or did you just end up meetin some people.

sorry, not meenin to be repetitive, im just not able to find help anywhere else... thanks
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Next Spring, spend some time around the Salt River near Globe. You can find your paddling community there. Otherwise, Phoenix doesn't have much going on for whitewater. Maybe even look into training to be a raft guide with one of the companies that run the Salt. In particular, check out Wylie and James at Salt River Rafting. I worked the Salt in the late '90s, and do remember that there is a small whitewater community out of Phoenix.
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The lack of my friends wanting to kayak is why i picked up rafting, now they trip over themselves to join me on my boat. A little more expensive though!
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Denver, Colorado
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I had a similar predicament with rock climbing, even though I went to CU. Actually, a bigger part of my problem was finding people I even WANTED to go climbing with.

The best I was ever able to do was to find one or two buddies I met eye to eye with, and we did most of our climbing together.

As for kayaking, a really good buddy of mine from ski instructing got me into it. He took me out once and I picked up the gear. From that day forward we more or less boated every day possible together, and I honestly didn't have anyone else to boat with. I think I boated all of two times with other folks in many years. We sort of grew our spurs together and just always felt comfortable together. The odd thing was that we really had nothing else in common...he is religious, and I'm not...I'm married and have a kid, he was always single and had way too much time. We hung out all of one time outside of kayaking or skiing, but he ripped on skis and was a good boater, so we spent probably 3-4 days together either hunting pow or hunting water.

That said, we did start raft guiding together, and that gave us the venue, too. Most of the raft guides were alright people, but almost none of them were as addicted to kayaking as us. We would try and prod them into doing an afterwork run with us, and it almost always ended up being just us two.

My suggestion is to seek out partners wherever you can, but expect rough going at first. You will cross paths with many people that don't work as partners, and those stories will be fodder for a lifetime, but after a while (or sooner, if you're lucky), you'll happen into a few partners that you click with and they'll be friends for life, and will probably at some point save your life.

Good luck, and enjoy the journey!
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scottsdale, Arizona
Paddling Since: new
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Posts: 6
i will def. do that... is there good stuff up by globe???

thanks all, i will keep it all in mind when im lookin for a buddie to go with
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umm yea

anyone who says there no good kayaking in az is lieing to you and doesn't know arizona well enough. check out THE ULTIMATE IN PADDLING LIFESTYLES also check out Whitewater kayaking lessons in Arizona with AZ River Adventures asu has a kayak club too. my email is [email protected] send me a message and i'll let you know what's up.
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