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Newbie getting sucked in flushed.

It seems that everytime I go over a hole and go nose first, instead of my nose coming out, the nose buries deep and I start getting pushed back into the hole that I just dropped over, a place I really don't want to be, I end up paddling like a windmill in a hurricane and somtimes break away, or more often than not proceed to get sucked in and pummeled!!

Any advice?


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Try to do a boof on your way into the hole,, that will keep your nose up, and boat moving forward, depending on the size of the hole of course.
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Hi quimbola,
When learning boofs I found that the most important thing for getting my boofs to work was to take the boof stroke later than I thought I needed to. The boof stroke is taken with your blade on the top of the face of the ledge you are boofing. I keep an even paddling pace before the boof stroke then take one powerful stroke on the top face of the ledge and do a sort of abdominal crunch to keep the nose of my boat up.
If there is not a high enough ledge above the hole then I like to try to hit a seam that is flushing through the hole with an aggressive stance (weight forward). Sometimes you just have to hit it hard and pray.
The instant you feel a hole pulling you back, start paddling like hell. I have seen people get dragged back into stuff because they were too casual about getting the heck out of there once they thought they were past the hole. Tunnel Falls on Gore is a classic example of that.

Just my 2 cents. I have gotten worked in holes lots of times that I probably shouldn't have.
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first, it depends on your boat. what kind of boat do you have? A big river runner or creeker tends to punch through holes MUCH easier than a playboat..

Second, hit the hole straight on and paddle HARD all the way through. Lift your knees up to help keep the nose of the boat out of the water as you go through. Also, lean forward. paddle aggressively.

And last, if the hole seems too big, skip the dang thing!!!!

I am a class 3 boater. I paddle a dagger GT and it punches through all the holes I choose to go through. I skirt ones that seem like they will thrash me. Hope that helps!!


PS join our class 2/3 boaters group and come kayaking with us! the website is
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Ditto above.

One thing I find that works is just when you hit the hole, sink your paddle in the flushing water and hold it. The paddle is more effective in the flushing water than your paddling in the froth above.
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I was told to "Lean forward and paddle like you mean it, reach for the next wave and don't stop till your in flat water" it has been working for me.
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Boofing is preferred if you can do it, because it keeps you on the surface.

If you can't boof, hit it with speed and lean forward as far as you can. This shifts weight to the front, like high-siding a raft, and it also provides less surface area for the pile to hit. If the pile hits you square in the chest when you're sitting up, it slows you down and tends to push you back, where the incoming water will grab your stern. Instead, as you enter the pile, lean forward as far as you can and plant a powerful stroke as far downstream as you can. Try to get down into the green water under the pile - you'll know it when you grab it. Crank on that stroke and then keep paddling when you come out, because, as folks have already noted, many holes like to reel you back in. Enjoy.
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Great info! I am paddling a necky switch. I think your right I am sitting up too high. I usually get hit in the chest or the face with the pile. So it seems ,lower torso almost resting on my front deck, hit pillow, knees up, paddle like crazy.
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Don't forget to pray on your way in.
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in addition to the advice given so far........I also recommend to turn your torso a tish to one side to prevent your chest from "loading up" with the full blast of water that you mentioned that stops your momentum. You should also try to lean your boat to one side for the same reasons. Be thinking in terms of making your body and boat less of a target for the water to catch by making you and your boat more like a knife cutting through water. Some paddlers refer to this as "melting thru" the wave/hole. And don't forget that strong forward stroke all the way through.

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