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new paddle

i'm a class lll boater looking to buy a bent shaft paddle to help with wrist problem. if i buy a new paddle should i buy a waterstick karma,or a AT4 or dish out the extra for a werner? is there a big differance other than price?

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pnw, Colorado
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Go for the Waterstick. I just went through several paddles trying to find a good one and the Waterstick was the best by far and as I was getting used to it, liked it more and more. My AT4 was a chunk of lead compared to it.
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Check out the new Woody paddles. I have had surgery on both of my wrists, and the paddle feels great. Air core blades, and a wooden shaft wrapped in Kevlar. No flutter in the blade, and you won't break it!
Kyle McCutchen
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Come on people give up some advice! I broke my crappy seven2 and need a new paddle. I'm looking at an AT4 and Waterstick Karma. Can anyone point me in the right direction? At least let me know if you are currently paddling with either of these and if you like them.
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Are you serious about the strenght of the woody's? I have broken several paddles, even a werner bent shaft which everyone told was the strongest one out there. Granted, when the werner broke it wasnt' in the best of situations, but I hate breaking paddles and would really like to make it through several seasons without breaking one. Is the woody the strongest paddle you know of?

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After trying several paddles this spring, I bought a Waterstick Zen. It felt lighter than the others, swing feels good, and the blade is powerful. I love it! My old paddle feels like a club. You have to fork out the dough for it, but I'm getting used to the flavor of chicken ramen.
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Im with Cutch on the Woody Custom Paddles... they rock. Very smooth lines, very good feel in the water, great bentshaft ergonomics and they are super strong and durable. Plus theyre stylie and different from all the same old stuff out there (not to diminish the above mentioned paddles 'cause they all rock too).
Check em out at

Othet benefits are that Wayne will make one custom just for you and that you will be supporting local Colorado grassroots business.
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I've been using the Woody paddle for about a month now and it is super durable. The fact that it isn't a hollow shaft makes it have great flex and it won't crease. I creased a waterstick last year, and it fell apart at the lip of a drop further down stream (although I have to admit the Waterstick feel would be my second choice). The Woody paddles come in four different weights, I'm using the Kreek'r weight. It is slightly heavier than an AT2 but the air core blades make it paddle light because it keeps the blade floaty near the surface of the water.

The maker Wayne and I both agree that no paddle is unbreakable, but I truly believe that I don't want to be holding on to my paddle if I break it because it's going to be one hell of a hit. It survived getting momentarily wedged on Adrenaline falls in Lime creek last weekend.

Oh yeah, and the retail price is the same or comparable to the Werner's and AT's. Around $360. I know CKS is carrying them.

In terms of the original post, if you have had broken wrists in the past then you are basically going to be forced to use Bent Shafts to be comfortable, and most of the above mentioned paddles will do the job.

my rambling 2 cents.
Kyle McCutchen
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