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new boat

going to be looking around for a new boat once I file my paperwork with the man. A little about me, 6'1" 200lb, 2nd year boater (III-IV), don't really know what I like the most yet. Don't really have the flow for more than one boat at the moment. The diesel looks fun, any suggestions?

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pnw, Colorado
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There are many people who run III and IV in a pure playboat so you will have to define what you want to do in the boat and what you are expecting it to do. And just to be a smartass and this is the time of year for these type of trolls, I will say this.
Usually by the time someone is a class IV boater, they have a good idea what boat they want.
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I would recommend the

Stretch (Pryhana) L-XL (New Design)

Ezg 60 (Wave Sport)

I3 (Pryhana)

G-Ride (Dagger)

CR (Liquid Logic) 250 (New Design)

Depends on how playful you want it. That Diesel is a stable plank but would be more suited for running Class 4 and 5. I would get mighty bored running class 3-4 in a boat that will not stern squirt or even sort of flat spin.

Give it a whirl. Buy one of these suckers used if you can. It will be tough to find the new boats used though.
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Durango, Colorado
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I started out on the Big EZ. (I'm 6'2 190) and found it to be the perfect boat for me (as far as progression goes). It's forgiving enough, but not too forgiving. It's also big enough to run rivers in (fast, stable and comfortable enough for class IV) but also not too big to get down the play basics (spins, cartwheels, etc.) I'm actually going to be selling it (for a fair price) here in the near future if you're interrested. PM me if you're interrested at all.
Cheers and good luck
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Longmont, Colorado
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thanks. @gh - I suppose I shouldn't, if I did, call myself a IV boater. I was giving myself some room to grow. Class III is somewhat boring unless the water is big, I know that some playing is fun, but impossible in the tank that I learned in. So I guess it wouldn't be a straight creeker, nor river-runner or playboat. I don't want my giant feet to hurt, nor my ass to go numb. Anyway...
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First off I work for the company... but honestly from what you are describing, the Jackson 4Fun would be one of the most comfy, easy to roll, and great for large feet boats out there. I am 6.1 210 with 12 feet and I was in mine in Africa for over 8 hours a day for 27 boating days... never having to get out for discomfort.

It's a great all around boat, and in my HUMBLE opinion, the most comfy river/play boat out there.

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body. But rather...To skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming... WOW !!!! What a ride!!!!!!"
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pnw, Colorado
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Ok, you are right. I need to back off the caffeine. I dont think any one boat can do everything but I am about your size and I like my EZG 60. I do however think that class III can be very fun if you have a little playboat to do it in. I have a kingpin for the pool and easy runs. As Craw says, many people are happy in the 4fun. It wasnt the boat for me but if you demo the boats listed on this post you should find a boat that you can do many runs with and have fun with. But the truth remains, demo, demo, demo. What feels good to one person might just suck to the next.
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For what you're describing, I think all the suggestions above are right on. If you're looking to bump up to IV-V type of runs, then I'd start thinking Diesel, creekboats, etc.
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I'll throw in another vote for the EZG60. I'm taller and heavier than you and I find it's an outstanding design - I anticipate owning mine for quite a long time before someone comes out with another boat to rival its performance and comfort for taller guys. It initiates easily and slices, yet still is loopable. Can be a little twitchy in bigger water, but by the time you're into that, you'll have figured out how to deal with that just fine.

I'll also second the demo comments -- the more boats you ask about and paddle, the more you will learn that different folks have different thresholds ranging from no discomfort to serious pain they are willing to tolerate for performance. I tolerated a lot of foot pain in the otherwise excellent Id 7.0 for a long time, then when I started to get bone spurs, I realized it wasn't worth it.
Join up, suckas.

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I reccomend the renowned Prijon Creekboat of yeasteryear. Landis Arnold @ Wildwasser has one he'll part with for a buck-twenty-five (that's $125.00, you cheap bastards-- don't demean this fine craft thinking you could get one for under an Abe Lincoln), then go CREEK THAT BITCH!

As a bigger paddler I didn't like the way the diesel handles, it's best for the lighter folks who want to go steep.

Pyrannahs break- end of story.

New boats are a waste of money-- buy something used from some twit who has to have "the new thing" and his girlfriend makes him get rid of the "old" boat he bought 6 months ago so she still can open her car door in the garage. Plus you get to try them for free versus paying to demo.

-mental meanderings from a professor of the old school
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