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Shelby, North Carolina
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Need advice on which boat for my wife and son

I'm actually looking at buying a kayak for my wife and 9 year old son to share. Looking at the Remix 47 which will fit my son perfect, but would my wife be able to paddle this as well? She is 5'2 and about 110 lbs plus or minus a few pounds. I see on LL website the remix 47 is for 45-110 lb people. My son is only at 72 lbs himself, so the remix 47 would fit him perfect, but just wondering how my wife would do in it? Or would it be ok if i bought the remix 59 and then my son could grow into it, but would it be way too big for him right now to learn in?

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maybe get 2 boats. or start with the 47. the wife might be fine in it under class 3 but if she starts talking about being un stable or if it is obvious her water line is not right, might need to get a bigger boat.

You should be able to get a good used boat for your wife. I would look for a pyrana micro 225 or 235. both should fit her better and you will have something for your son when he out grows the 47. the good news is kids boats hold resale value well so there will always be a line for the 47. good luck let us know.
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Shelby, North Carolina
Paddling Since: 2012
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Posts: 59
Thanks for the info, but I only have the $ for 1 boat right now. I've started researching on more boats and looks like a Wavesport Diesel 60 would fit both my son and wife perfect, but no stores near me even carry Wavesport kayaks to look at, so i'd have to order one online without seeing it in person first. Also, i've given some thought to the Jackson little hero, but the weight range on that boat starts at 80lbs and goes up, which would be a little on the big size for my son until he grows a little more. (he is about 72 lbs right now). Thoughts or any other suggestions welcome
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I'd go used if you can. You can probably get two used boats cheaper than the price on a new one. I'd search around and then ask people here what they think.
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You have to get both of them boats with lots of floatation make sure they come in at the very bottom of the weight range.
This will give them better stability and they will have more fun as beginners.
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I am just under 5'3" and about 105 lbs. When I tried a LL Remix 47 it felt OK on the shop floor, so I rented it. Being cautious, I took it to a pond first, where within 5 minutes I found that there were two uncomfortable pressure points at my hips. The boat's width was good--it was the seat's sidewalls that felt a bit too narrow for comfort when I actually paddled it. If your wife has very narrow hipbones this may not matter.

In addition, I could feel that I was pushing the load limit of the kayak, no matter what LL's claimed paddler weight range is (I think the upper limit for it should be under 100 lbs). It sat lower in the water than I would want in anything but dead flat water (such as that pond). It was super-easy to roll, being such a low, narrow boat with snug outfitting. But very obviously not the right size for me to use for WW paddling. I doubt it's a good choice for your wife's 110 lbs.

I bought the Jackson Side Kick that I had previously rented and found comfortable. I would've preferred something about a foot longer and a tad narrower, but there was no such kayak made. The Side Kick has worked out well for me. It is forgiving, easy to roll, and Jackson's suggested weight limit is more realistic. Funny thing, though...when I bought it they gave 120 to 130 lbs as the upper paddler weight. More recently, they gave a lower weight as the upper limit! Can't remember what the new number was, maybe 100 or 110 lbs. I suspect this is their way of bumping small paddlers into buying the "adult size" Little Hero instead of the Side Kick. Caveat is that the Little Hero is very wide and deep for someone of your wife's and my size. I'm glad I bought the Side Kick.

Last fall I demo'd a Dagger Axiom 6.9 in San Diego's Mission Bay. Had high hopes for it, and liked how it handled. But my feet were cramped in that very low front end, and the low front deck severely restricted leg-pumping room (I LOVED the low rear deck). So I disappointedly returned the boat after trying for less than half an hour. If it was uncomfortable within such a short time, there's no way I would like it for my typical paddles.

Maybe you could buy used 2 used kayaks that fit child and wife well instead of 1 new one that is a poor compromise. And no, I'm not selling my Side Kick...unless there's an Axiom 7.4 being made. (The next size up, Axiom 8.0 is too wide and tall.)
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