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neck gasket installation

What's the easiest way to install a neck gasket in a drytop?

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Its a long shot to get a neck gasket on securely and water tight. More likely you'll end up with globs of aqua-seal everywhere and a less than dry-drytop. Pay the $45 bucks or what ever and have it done right. There's a guy at NOC that does alot of them, you can also try your local dive shop. Kokatat did my last neck gasket, thye and Stohlquist and the other OEM's are alittle more expesive but it will be done right.
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use a parking cone

just like the ones that cdot puts everywhere
seriously, it works
I used one last year and it gave me a perfect seal on my bomber gear hydrology top. just strech the top over the cone, make the gasket/fabric interface all nice and tight, roll your new gasket down and over, and aquaseal away. wait about a day or until the aquaseal is nice and dry and flip the whole thing over and seal it again for a bomber seal. I have yet to have a leak using this technique. The trickiest part is finding a cone that is big enough without getting caught
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i have tried both self repair and sending them for service. I used a vase that was just the right size as a jig, and it worked out great. even so, self-repair is a hassle and not worth the cash you save. if you send it to someone besides the manufacturer, don't be afraid to hassle them about when it will be done. my wife sent hers to a local shop who didn't repair them but sent them to some guy in salida. told her one week. one week went by, she called, they hadn't even sent it on yet! when we did get it back, there was a gap in the glue big enough to put my fist through. everyone makes mistakes, and they eventually made it right, but the whole episode took about a month. whatever you do, do it soon, before you need the jacket.
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Neck gasket, you don't need no stinking neck gasket.
I have successfully repaired 3 now. Each time I got better at it. The key is to do a nice neat job with out too much glue or you will end up with a toilet seat around your neck. I've tried everything for a jig but the kitchen sink (hey that sounds like a good idea). The problem with a cone shaped jig is that the new gasket slips off of the cut old one because the glue acts like a lube until it is dry. Last time I made a ring shaped jig out of an old flower pot I cut up (check with the wife first). The ring was about 1.5 inch wide and I cut the ring so I could adjust the size. I was able to let the bottom of the new gasket over hang the bottom of the ring by about a 1/4 inch so it wouldn't slip off like a wet banana. Whatever you use, make sure the gasket fits over the jig nice and tight with not wrinkles or gaps.
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The paddle shop in boulder fixed my gasket. It took about a week, they did a really great job and it cost about 40 bucks which I think is worth it rather than having a so-so neck gasket for the season.

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I have repaired several neck gaskets using the Kokatat instructions. Lot easier than trying to stretch over something and watching slide slowly out of place. Instructions at this web site:
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I second Mescalimick's vote. Unless you have a good jig, it can get messy. I had mine done by Bill Rynert from the NOC and it was a top-notch job.

I don't know if he is still doing them or not (it was a side job for him), but he's done thousands of them. All of my friends from down there have had one or more gaskets done by Bill and all were happy. Give a call to 828-488-2175, extension 150, and ask them if he's still in the business.

Just remember that if the next is too tight, don't coffee-can it, use pinking shears.
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