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I am looking to sell my Diesel any buy a true creek boat & would be interested in what any folks who have paddled these boats have to say about them. I am 6' 3" and weigh about 220 lbs so keep that in mind. I may do an overnighter or two but will mainly be just creekin & nothing too extreme since I just technically finished up my first year of boating At 50 years of age but have done runs such as the Numbers , Slaughterhouse, Rockwood Box, Cheat , Yough , etc so I am on my way. Initial stability is of importance to me since I must say I am not the most flexible in my hip action.
Thanxs in advance!

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Cheap Plastic

Bliss Stick = Cheap Plastic After One Run On Bailey In A Scud It Would Probably Only Last 10 More Runs Cheap Plastic For Creekers.
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The next zone, .
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One of the guys that I creek with has a mystic and likes it a lot.

Got it this year and has on it so far -

18 laps on clear creek of the ark.
12 runs on lake creek.
4 runs on balieys
A few down Pandora's box and 15+ runs on other random creeks.

So far it has held up well a bit of oil can going on but other than that it has held up well.

I am also about 6'5" tall and about 215# - I would get a large burn, the best creeker for a guy our size that I have ever paddled.

Hope that helps.
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i'm @ 6'3" and 210 the solo is a great boat...look into it.
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creek boat

I would have to second some other opinions out there. I really like the solo, and used it on a multi-day this spring, it is a little heavy and does not offer the initial stability you might want, but your stiff hips will appreciate its roll- ability and comfort, its heavy cuz of all the extra beefiness it has. its a hole buster despite its length and super fun to paddle. The Hercules will be the multi-day boat of choice, I have heard good things about it and you can't beat prijon plastic. I've also heard stellar reviews of the Burn, get the large one. maybe, just maybe, by the time you make a decision, Liquidlogic will have a bigger guys creek boat, (i.e jefe grande...)
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I have had a Mystic for a few months (40 or so days on the river, like 15 different rivers) and really like the way it handles. Only run up to class IV. Did get a pretty decent oil can quickly from boofing in low volume, but installed some foam under the seat and all is good and solid (had a buddy who did this as well). The plastic is softer than many out there, but I enjoy the boat. The outfitting is great from the backband to the seat to the 3 way adjustable thigh braces.

You might find this interesting...a review of the mystic on npmb by someone more experienced.

Northeast Paddlers Message Board: Review: Bliss-Stick Mystic
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The Mystic is a solid choice IMO. Stays on line quite well but is also easy to correct. Boofs are effortless and the outfitting is very bomber. I think the only downside is that it is a touch on the heavy side. However more plastic=more boofs! The Mystic is the best creeker I have ever paddled. I have used Bliss-Stick for 3 years now. I own 4 of their boats and I have never broken any of them.
A wise man once said "You Play You Pay"
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plas tic

I've got mad boat breaking skills for such a mediocre boater - after paddling a huka pretty hard for 4 seasons (i even launched it off my car yesterday) I'm amazed at how it's held up.

Haven't paddled a mystic and I've heard great things about the solo, so i can't offer any advice on your question but i just wanted to offer my thumbs up on bliss stick quality.

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I have heard the suggestion of a Burn several times over the past 6 months. When I first started looking for a boat almost a year to date there where posts on the Buzz saying how the Burn commonly would get cracked hauls especially under the seat...Has that been addressed? So I stayed away from the Burn & ended up with the Diesel. What makes the the Burn any better creeker than my Diesel? They don't seem much different than a couple gallons & a few inches?

Also: I am more than happy to read everyones input regarding there other fav creek boats & suggestions but I don't want to loose sight of my original post regarding the Mystic, Solo, & Hecules. I have always heard that the out of contry boats tend to be tougher in general... And though I may not be going to take on the wildest runs I have a tendency to be hard on gear. I have also found that I really like boofing & splatting & currently already warranteeing a Jackson SFun that is cracked & is only 9 months old.

Thanxs Again,
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Bliss-Stick designs are the most innovative in the industry. I have never had any issue at all with their plastics. I've tried to break my Bliss-Sticks and as yet have failed. These guys are straight-up, a cottage shop that strives to compete in the world of much larger players. And because they are a direct sales outfit they can charge much less for a quality product. Yes I am a Bliss-Stick agent so I have a bias but I believe in these boats.

Check out the Double-Deal for August, buy a creek boat and get a playboat 1/2 price.
here is the link USA Double Deal
Stay Wet
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