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My boat leaks - what to do?

I have a Kingpin and it leaks like crazy. I feel like my skirt is tight and without holes but I was wondering about waterproofing the bolts. Has anyone done this? What is the best method?

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Hey Kelly,

Welcome to the world of leaky daggers. I have a 2 month old dagger agent and the same problem as you. I also have a brand new snap dragon skirt(bungy), so the "you need a new skirt" concept doesn't fly. I believe it has less to do with the screws on the boat and more with how skirts fit on the boat (slight opening around the hips/recessed portion of cockpit rim).

I read the buzz a while back, and the suggestion to put an old mtn bike innertube around the rim. It has worked very well, and I suspect it would work flawlessly with a rubber rand skirt. Cut the stem out of the tube, and place the stem portion in towards the boat (allows a little bit of air to stay in the tube, seems to help). One additional note I have duct taped the screws around the cockpit, but no other modifications.

Costs you nothing. Good luck.

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Get a different boat if you don't like the water!!!! Daggers leak, I personally think its the cock pit design... They do a wave thing with the rim that makes the skirt bridge a section and allows water in.. They have a great hull design but seem to be simple minded when I comes to the cock pit (screws you can fix, they have a cockpit flaw and don't seem to address it) It is a simple fix ( well I guess they would have to start over with the mold, heaven forbid after how many years they address the problem..)and don't seem to care because there are enough people out there still buying them.... If you like to be dry buy from another company because no matter what skirt, or the adding on of tubing, or the amount of aqua-seal, they leak!!! hmmm maybe the cockpit design, wait we are still selling them, why should we fix, Hmmmm suckers~!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the negativity but I am sick of watching my buddies pull over 3 times for a 2 hour float to empty their boats with the reasoning "but its such a good hull design" .. Well siliconing the screws doesn't work so quit making excuses and fix the problem...

Hobie, Matt Chime in I'm sure you want to!!

PS: i'm on my period!!!
I'm sorry if i SOUND SINICAL BUT IT GETS OLD, Daggers leak!!!! Flame on!!
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Stumpsters's a flaw in the cockpit design. Sell that piece of junk...I replaced my Kingpin with a Jackson Super Star and have never been drier boating.
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I like that mine leaks!!!!!
About the time my legs are numb I need to drain the water.
"I just stood there and watched the whole thing happen!!!"
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I have a new 6.4 Agent and I have not had a ton of leaks! I do get a slight bit of water on occasion in the back where the backband straps are but I stay pretty dry for the most part. I use the overthruster and I have Mt Surf skirt and so far so good. I hear all the rumors of the "leaking Dagger" but Im realy happy with my boat so far. I spent 6hrs on the river yesterday only got out 3 times and never got to uncomfortably and never had to drain my boat.

I was in my Ammo all season but now I cant get out of the Agent. I figure Kayaking is a wet sport if you want to stay dry get an X Box!
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Try some gaskets

I had a leak problem with my EZ that was fixed with some $1.00 gaskets from Home Despot. If your boat is leaking through the screws, just add the right size rings/gaskets below the screw to fix the problem. My boat has been bone dry since then.
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