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MOVIE REVIEW. Demshitz: Dashboard Empanada

Movie review: Demshitz: Dashboard Empanada

I went to an early premier of the new Demshitz movie, Dashboard Empanada. I went with two female paddlers. We arrived an hour late for the movie, luckily this was still an hour before the movie actually started.

The short which preceded the movie of Pat Keller stepping up big in the Land of the Giants near Durango was inspiring. A pleasant if unneccessary reminder of what a focused, calculated and hard charging boater Pat is. Anyone who thinks that what the early greats of kayaking did is still somehow superior to what this generation of boaters is doing, need look no further than Pat. Or the McClarens of Idaho charging the North fork at 8,000 for that matter.

Dashboard Empanada came out of the screen like a slime covered bat trying to bite into your neck. You could hardly keep watching the screen without trying to dodge either a huge waterfall or a booty full of whiskey. The movie is named after Chris Emericks classic film "Dashboard Burrito". However another movie came out about the same time which this movie was a true testament to.

That movie is late Dave Norrells underground classic "Revolution". In Revolution Norrel and company huck huge waterfalls, inner city water fountains, parking garage stairwells and surprisingly dozens of big roof slide bomb drops onto hedges. All while partying as hard as they can. If Norrell were here to have watched Dashboard Empanada with me he would have leaned over and said "fuck yeah".

Dashboard Empanada was filled with huge, stout drops. It was a sort of documentary following a group of friends on a season in Chile. Cold rainy weather, living with 8 people in a converted outhouse and partying as hard as they possibly can. The movie has a full length seg dedicated solely to partying, set to the tune "Party in the USA" by Ke$ha.

I think it was after about the second barfing shot that my female companions made their way out of the theater. I was'nt going anywhere though. The movie showed some of the most amazing stout filled runnable rivers in the world. Those that stayed through the movie saw some of the most talented boaters of this generation throwing down on huge drop after huge drop. The aqua marine water of Chile and the seemingly endless gigantic clean drops showcased some of the finest paddling that has gone down in a while. Like any good kayaking movie, the carnage seg was long, gut wrenching and beautifully set to a Journey rock ballad.

I walked out of the theatre a little unsure of what I thought of the movie. The female boaters were quite vocal in their opinion the next day and probably assumed I agreed with them. I had to think about it though. The next time I thought about it, 3 days later while unloading our kayaks and boards from the road trip, I realized it was refreshing to see a movie that said "we are running as many stout drops as anybody, partying as hard as anybody and don't give a damn what anybody thinks". I thought about the last time I saw that same attitude in a video, I saw Norrel's face and said to myself, "fuck yeah". Dashboard Empanada will remain a classic long after many of the more polished movies fade into the unknown.

On that note I just purchased a VHS copy of "Buck Fever" still in its original packaging for $2.95.

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