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most effective roll for creeking?

What's the most effective roll for creek boating? Or most popular anyways. Just looking for different types of rolls for different scenarios. I know the c to c roll but I don't know many others. The c to c seems to take a few with having to always set up. Any and all advice helps thanks

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The one that YOU can hit.

We all miss occasionally but when you are hairy side down In A mank creek the last thing you need to think about is which roll I'm hitting.
Instinct needs to be your go to roll.
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I'm not a great creeker, but once you have a roll, forget about what kind it is. Identify what it is you need to get right side up: some type of brace, and a hip/thigh snap. Try rolling from all sorts of positions without going through the set up phase. Find a way to grab water with your paddle and go for it, because like what was said above, you want to be right side up ASAP. Watch good boaters, many of them roll up so fast you'd almost miss it. That's because they're probably rolling from whatever position they landed in. can get good at setting up the moment you know you're going to flip.
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Agreed. Get comfortable rolling from any position or brace combinations. It's less about how you roll, but more about what works in any given instance. The biggest thing to remember is to try to not expose your shoulders or face.
Here's a tip: playboating. Go and throw yourself in a hole and just try for whatever silly moves you can. Playboating is essentially rolling practice. As you get more comfortable flopping around in a hole you'll get way more efficient at coming up from any position.

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You'll find lots of discussions on this by doing a search. What these guys said is totally accurate.

I think "for creek boating" is the wrong way to frame it. In any mileu you just want to get up as fast as possible.

I'll just address the controversial part of your question. Some will tell you not to backdeck roll when creeking but I think that's bullshit. I can tell you the backdeck roll has saved my ass several times in creeks. This whole business about how "I can tuck fast" just doesn't sound like it comes from people who have much experience or are being very honest with themselves. Many times when you get dumped over it happens in a split second and there's no time to react and if you're already pushed on your back deck, it's a lot safer and faster than doing a normal roll. Watch videos of pros running the gnar. They backdeck roll all the time.

So as these guy said, learn every type of roll you can, and use whatever one gets you up the fastest. The C-C to is a convenient teaching mechanism, but as you become more proficient you'll realize that all you're really doing is grabbing some water if your blade and snapping your hips to get back up and that can be done from almost any orientation.
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All good feedback but the first choice is to stay upright. Work on a bomber brace too.
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I know people are against back decks rolls, but like Kevin I use it all the time. I playboat a lot so it's natural for me to go to the back deck and it's my quickest roll. People who do actual C-C rolls while creeking are hard to watch because the set up for so long. When running hard stuff, to me the name of the game is get back upright as fast as possible.
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I was going to say exactly what Kevin said. And yeah, nathan , I was with you today in Lyons and couldn't stop back deck rolling, it kept spoiling my orbits, it's become so natural.... Learn a correct back deck roll.... Here's one off the back of the M wave... From a couple years ago... Because the M wave doesn't run anymore...?!
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A great thing to do is playboat until every roll (and side) is will learn a bunch of different roll techniques as your playboating skills progress plus you will become more comfortable rolling and being upside down.
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Bomber brace

Originally Posted by Phil U. View Post
All good feedback but the first choice is to stay upright. Work on a bomber brace too.
So, from another new-bee-to-the-sport: What are good ways to practice bracing and move towards acquiring that Bomber Brace?
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