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Fort Collins, Colorado
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Mildly Embarassing

After sitting in the sun all day, my gear can be pretty rank . Does anyone have anything they use to keep the stink down? Anything to effectively wash the funk off? I KNOW I'm not the only one with this problem!

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Centennial, Colorado
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it's too bad batman didn't invent an anti-stank repellent
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at my house, Montana
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For internal layers (fleece, long johns, etc) I wash with soap, color safe bleach AND borax, then do a double rinse. Vinegar can do wonders also. There's also this "sink the stink" stuff for goretex/neoprene and things.
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Aurora, Colorado
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Synthetics are never going to smell great after the third or so time you wear them. Myrazyme does OK. Other things to try: rinse your gear with clean water every time you use it if you can.
Dry your gear out thoroughly! That's really key.
Try wool underlayers. Wool tends to hold less odor than synthetics.
Don't leave your gear out in the sun. The sun will kill your gear.

Good luck!
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Boulder, Colorado
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I have found that leaving gear out in the sun actually makes it smell less, not more. UV light kills whatever is causing the funk, just like those neat little pens that you can put in a Nalgene bottle to make it safe to drink. Leaving wet gear in a sealed drybag makes it stink like crazy however. And yes, the sun will degrade anything made from a polymer, like your kayak, and all synthetic clothes. I generally leave my gear to dry in the sun for an hour or two, which seems to get the funk out but not destroy stuff. I think we used to dunk our wetsuits in Simple Green, which basically does the same thing as Sink the Stink, but cheaper. So wash your gear regularly, dunk in a solution of Simple Green every now and then, and set in the sun to dry, but don't leave it out there for days on end. And shower regularly, brush your teeth, and call your mom.
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Golden, Colorado
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I wash my gear (minus drytop) once a week during the season. I pretty much smell like a urine-soaked bum every day except Monday.

If you are paddling almost every day it's not really worth the effort to smell fresh. If I was running shuttle and someone said 'what stinks so bad' I probably wouldn't even hear them.

A true paddler's car, an old rice burner with a trunk full of gear, smells like a high school gym locker room does during wrestling season.
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Kayak/SUP Instructor
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Pro Wash Active Wear Detergent.

It's made for sports clothes, it's a liquid in a plastic bag, and they sell it at Walmart. Look where all the laundry detergents are. It's cheap and works.
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Steamboat, Colorado!
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Find a pool, preferably one you don't intend to use, and throw your crap in there. Then wash with antibacterial soap, dry, spray with febreeze or some hippy oil, and then pray.

Truly nothing more sexy than nasty gear smell
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garbagemart sells a deal in the hunting section called sport wash, get some.

on long trips try 5 gallons of water and a cup of bleach. Don't forget to dip your sandals.
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Buena Vista, Colorado
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Well here's a question...I wash all my gear regularly and it keeps the stink down, but I havn't figured out a way to effectively clean my's the only thing that always stinks. I've sprayed it down with Lysol and Febreeze antimicrobial and it just masks it.

So what do people do to clean their sweaty helmets?
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