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Media Coverage of Kayaking

I spent an hour or so this morning worming my way through various sports news websites (e.g. ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX Sports, etc), they appear not to cover any whitewater related sporting events.

I don't know about the rest of you all, but that irks me, it hacks me off, it's like someone pissing in my maybe it's time to shit in their oatmeal. The only question is how?

How do we get coverage of events like Teva/Gore and FIBArk? How do we get coverage of the the US Olympic Qualifier/Senior Finals here in Durango?

Kayaking/Canoeing is really the original X-Game that never got a status in the public eye.

If people can sit around the boob-tube and watch the likes of Tony Hawk diddling himself on some skateboard ramp, might they not just as well watch the Boater-cross at FIBArk? Where I am sure there will be some serious carnage before it's all over and done.

Just food for thought from a head filled with random thoughts, quarks, and pions.

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I for one am comfortable with the low profile of kayaking. Increased interest in the sport would probably result in decreased river access, even more crowded creeks and the inevitable elitist attitude that so plagues mountain biking, rock climbing and other gravity-driven activities. One of nicest parts of being on the river, aside from the cool water and amazing scenery, is that you meet very few assholes.
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I'll second Dan's post. Stelth is the only way to fly. No news is good news.
"I would drag my balls across broken glass just to hear her fart into a walkie talkie" -Jay Drury
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For awhile i was pissed too about no media coverage but dan makes a good point, Colorado already has many pissed off river land owners why make them even more mad with more traffic and trash in their area. Also you will have the dumb asses that see class v boating on tv and go out trying it without much experience and the responsoble boaters will have to rescue them sometimes risking their own lifes to help someone else. So I'm against the media coverage let them keep thinking that those other sports are more "extreme" then kayaking. Just to let you know I'm not trashin the other sports if I offend anybody.
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