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Charc in = charc out
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Get over it already.

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Send a message via Yahoo to Kris M
Making news on other kayak post boards....... you should all be proud!

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I agree. Please take that shit somewhere else. It so lame and predictable it sickens me and it's only playboating.

Yo Gillman, how's the NW treating you? looks like you've been up to something out there. Hope you're having fun.
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Charc in = charc out
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what up leif! been meaning to get in touch w you (& everyone else back home) with an update .. it's going great up here in seattle.

as of today, i'm working on another production crew. this time for a feature-film horror flick. fun stuff. went to skook last weekend & might be going up to BC for some creeking this weekend. possible multi-day first d currently being air & ground scouted. should be ready to go in the coming weeks as well.

lots to do in the city -- saw Arcade Fire at the paramount the other night, which was amazing ,, 5 million dive bars to check out ,, ladies ,, endless thai restaurants ,, etc.

gotta go. peace,

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I thought you loved to playboat, well atleast in Gore rapid ehh!
maybe Gore next week? tour de fat Saturday?

hard at work as usual. Finding gems and making fliks. keep us desert dwellers entertained with some footage. Or else I have to see people dorking out over ditches. So sad.
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I'm pretty pissed off at all this attitude. I'm going to ask my buddy, who's been there, where the wave is. Then I'll post directions here.

The M-wave is almost certainly on the South Canal at the bottom of map below. You could probably find it by just driving along the South Canal road that you see on this map:
You may be able to find the exact spot from Google Earth.

To get flow information, check out:
Looks like it's flowing pretty good.

Here's the map of the South Canal:
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Finally a definitive Fax Off. Good Work.

Also, finally someone who calls out the virtue of our place in history; Google Earth is a pretty big advance. "Advance" in terms of spatial awareness, which most posts, and most of our (collective) endeavors are centered around.

That map is the first stand up, Fax Off, Bad Ass, thing to be seen on this board since ChunderBoy.
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Stiff you're a f-ing punk ass beeeyotch. You seem to surf this forum and drop your 2cents on everything from religious debates to how hard the Pueblo WW park will be for your newby 4+ paddling whino ass.

Here's the deal. Anyone can find the M-wave. It's really not that hard if you just put a little effort and imagination into it. There are resources out there which make it possible as you desplayed so well (but you're still a little off).

The problem is not that people don't want to share the wave with others. It's that we, and especially me, don't want punk ass wannabees like you coming down here and destroying our ability to access the wave. Too often I see people racing around throwing up dirt and mud like they've entrered the Baja 1000 with boats on their roofs. Have some respect.

There's PRIVATE PROPERTY surrounding the M-wave and if you come down here like a f-ing yahoo disrespecting the locals ability to live in peace on their land, they will most certainly find a way to limit everyone's access to the wave.

That's not the only problem for a wanker like you. You probably wouldn't be able to figure out how to get in the water without trespassing on the private property down here. Then you'd get in the water and endanger everyone down there by taking a swim. No you say? You aint seen nuthin like the eddy lines & boil rooms the wave creates down here. You'd probably get in the water & soil yourself outa fear, then drive 4+ hours back to where you came from. I heard just recently that there was a solid group from the front range down here a little while back. One of the paddlers took a swim and nearly drowned. And he/she was supposedly a pretty darn good paddler.

It's not about not sharing the goods with others. It's about preserving everyones ability to use it and most importantly RESPECTING THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN THE AREA.

Most importantly for you through would be the fact that, and I quote,

yes, I am bothered by the religious part. I am just mystified that people take the bible as total truth
you'd shit yourself if you knew how seriously we take religion down here. So come on down you bible bashing wannabe. We'd love to show you the wave and introduce you to religion at the same time.
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Charc in = charc out
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Hey retards -- do you fail to see the irony here? Obviously. Guess I have to spell it out for you, huh?

You've hijacked/polluted the one thread on here that was established to say "We don't give a funk about the M-wave & we're sick of the childish 4-year shit-storm surrounding it", by propagating it further. Did you not see or "get" the "Beating a dead horse" GIF? Did you not comprehend how the thread talked about topics OTHER than the M-wave?

Whether you're crying about not knowing where it is, or you know where it is & you're not telling, & especially the guy who attached a map & the other vagina who's pissed at him, you're all lame.
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Ridgeway Paddler: I don't think you are very good at respecting other people who aren't exactly like you.
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