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Lyons Outdoor Games - constructive comments

This was my third year volunteering for safety for the Creek Race and first year for Boater X. Figured I would share some thoughts since so many folks on the Buzz are involved with the games in one way or another. I'm also curious what other people think about the planning and execution.

1) I think it would be nice if we could get timely online updates on results (webpage, facebook, and/or twitter). Only way I knew who won the Creek race was through searching the Buzz. It would also be cool to have pictures posted throughout each day.

2) It's unclear what Human Movement brought to the table. I didn't think the organization throughout the weekend was any better this year than years past. Alot of staff seemed uninformed or simply overwhelmed.

3) I don't have kids but I think kid related activities would be cool (e.g. those bouncy things you strap into, a climbing wall, etc.)

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My only complaint was holding the 5k run at 11:30 during the heat of the day??? Why nt a 7am start time like nearly EVERY other 5k on Earth...Though the answer is more beer was and will be bought at noon when people finish versus at 8am.

I did notice very skimpy fan/non-boater support for the creek race likely due to the 5k start time.
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This is all very helpful and needed info. Please keep the info coming. We are now in a very rapid growth phase of the event and Human Movement is making that happen. One of the unfortunate issues that they had to deal with was that they were not officially managing this event until late April. So we stuffed them behind the eight ball and they actually did come through from my perspective.

As I said please keep the constructive criticism coming. Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] if you'd prefer. I will get all the info to the right folks.

Our goal is to make this a family focused, highly interactive, multi-sport event that outdoor enthusiasts will make a weekend sporting vacation out of.

If you can also comment on what you really enjoyed that was new this year please pass that along as well.
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This is the second year I have gone to LOG. I would say the most glaring negative to me is nobody in the information tent knows what's going on. It looked like it was mostly volunteers which probably explains it, but they should know simple things like the schedule and where events are taking place. Trying to find results to the creek race was impossible, I finally overheard the top 5 results at about 3.

I think there could have been more push for the event on here or facebook. Also, I had no idea that it moved to the new park this year until I showed up at the old park to register. I had looked the the LOG webpage a couple times before going and I would have thought that would have been a big enough change to make the homepage.

The new park is a good location for it. It will provide more than enough space for LOG to grow in the future. There were a lot of people at the beer garden even though it was really hot.
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I think one of the difficult things is that the event has outgrown it's little town. I like Bohn park for parking and general venue setup. The distance from the other venues is difficult, however. Having everything in Meadow park is nice but obviously too small for parking. The park across from OB is also just too small and parking is too little.

I think a results section would be a good addition to the website. At the very least, a results board next to the info tent would be handy as well. I'm not sure if the Barn party was supposed to be an awards venue but it does make for a good awards venue... and beer.

I thought the safety for the creek race was top notch and while things ran behind in the freestyle, it was still handled well from my perspective. Just need more hands on deck for calculating scores/posting results. If the creeking community can come together for race support, so to should the freestyle community. I'm all for pressing the juniors into service when possible to help facilitate the cadets/pros events.
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I also found the awards presentation for the creek race somewhat depressing because almost nobody was there when they started announcing it and I had to leave before it really got going. Maybe that ceremony could somehow be reworked to give it the significance it deserves.
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LOG Feedback

Having been to LOG since the first year it was very impressed to see the growth and the overall success of the weekend. Mother nature dropped a triple whammy on you (low water, high heat, and high wind) and you still made it fun for everyone.

Here are three things I'd like to see done for next year.

1) Keep it in Bohn Park, but flip it closer to the water/ shade/ and town. It was a long walk for trips in town with the kids. My kids loved the playground and playing in the water, so they spent all their time there to beat the heat. Great free entertainment for a family planner.

2) Have a band or two to that takes over the festival stage after 6pm-9pm and hold the awards on the stage. After the beer ran out this year, there was nothing to do at the festival grounds.

3) I would like to have some kind of duckie/run race combo event to tap into all those runners at LOG that don't paddle yet (We were greatly out numbered... 30 people at the Freestyle Event vs 300 at the Dog Comp). Boat down Meadow Park, Eddy out, run to complete a challenge, run back to the duckie, and head down stream to the next challenge, and so on to they complete the course. Or, even a SUP race down the park or on the lake and race laps NASCAR style. People would get to see the whole race.
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I agree that no one at the info booth knew what was going on. We waited quite awhile to figure out where to give the radios back to the event coordinator. It took another 45 minutes to figure out where the volunteers were supposed to go for their lunch.

I lost my license in the confusion. I googled human movement and the guy answering said he doesn't work there anymore and didn't know how to even get ahold of someone who did.

Overall the event was awesome to me. These events are hard to pull off but everyone had smiles on their faces.
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First time at the games - loved the atmosphere and can't wait to go back. Having said that, I didn't understand how things were organized. I stopped at a volunteer tent (I think anyway as it wasn't labeled but had people with clipboards in it) and asked how to get to the East Park Pond for the SUP Demo. They said they had no idea and offered nothing further.

Later, I drove by what appeared to be an SUP Demo an hour after the alloted time. I stopped and got in the Demo I was looking for. While there, 2 people ran looking for the beginning Kayak clinic which was supposed to be at the same Pond at that time but the nobody knew anything about a Kayak clinic and sent the people away.

The next morning I went looking for the K9 Cannonball competition that was supposed to be from 10:30 - 12pm at a different pond. (at least so named on the schedule) After asking a sheriff for directions I ended up back at the same pond as the day before. (East Park or McConnell St Pond vs. Lyons Park Pond = same thing I guess) Unfortunately I got there about 25 minutes after the listed start time but the event was all but wrapped up as only saw the 3 finalists do their last jumps.

Then we went to the Freestyle Finals, which were great to watch but ran so far behind schedule we had to leave before the PRO mens Semi's were even completed. Was on the schedule for 12-2pm and it was 3:30 and still hadn't completed the Semi's yet so with a family and a 6 hour drive home we were out of time.

After all that though - fun event, good weather etc. My only regret is not spending more time checking out the Creek Race, Boater X, Burning Can etc. Just too many other things on the agenda for the weekend but hopefully I won't make that mistake again : )
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Originally Posted by JHimick View Post

1) I think it would be nice if we could get timely online updates on results (webpage, facebook, and/or twitter). Only way I knew who won the Creek race was through searching the Buzz. It would also be cool to have pictures posted throughout each day.
I think it would be nice if there were more incentive to shoot photos. A 'goodie bag' perhaps... pre-paid gas cards, gift cards to some of the local food joints and other local businesses, maybe discounted rates at the hotels with wifi which would allow photographers to upload photos of each day in a timely fashion...

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love photography and shooting photos, and I'd still shoot photos of the events and festivities again w/o getting anything out of it (being able to add to my portfolio, etc is more then enough incentive for me), but I only saw maybe a handful of people shooting photos at the SSV Race. ( A couple from the Demshitz crew, a dude in a tan boonie/sun hat wearing a yellow and blue pfd, a couple gals, a couple others, and myself.) I'm just saying that even a small incentive for photographers might attract a bit more of them.

If there was something of this sort and I just overlooked it in my reading of the webpage, then I totally apologize, and just ignore all of this. It was my first time at this event, and my 2nd time in Lyons. I was only there for Saturday. Overall from what I experienced, I thought it was a fun time.

Here's photos that I shot:
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