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Park City, Utah
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Yesterday was my birthday. Got out for a few hours of paddling to highight the day. The whole time something just felt wierd. I couldn't figure it out. I kept poping hand rolls and trying to figure out what was wrong. Got back to the car and their in my seat was my vest.

Hold crap, I need to kick myself in the head!! Sleep deprevation of our new daughter has kicked in alot worse than I realized!!

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Bozeman, Montana
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shit son.
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Spits Hot Fire
N. Cascades, Washington
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Sounds like you were all highed up.
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Park City, Utah
Paddling Since: 1985
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i'm not a drug guy. Pure sleep deprevation. I only put it up here beacause you all would of torn me apart as a complete idiot if something had gone wrong. I can't fathom how I did it, but I did.
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Durango, Colorado
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Very lucky, indeed! If I don't get a solid 8 hrs of sleep, I do silly stuff as well. Strangely, my wife functions just fine with 6 hrs.
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That is hilarious!
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Did you slam your bootie beer yet !?
"You're gonna be doin a lot of doobie rolling when youre LIVIN IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER"
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Back in the day it happened to a buddy of mine. We were through #1 on the Ark. and realized he left his PFD at the putin
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Winter Park, Colorado
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I've done it on Lower Gore Creek. I was with four other boaters who were extremely experienced! NOne of us noticed (I know I need to be reponsible for myself, but it is just surprising that NONE of us noticed) Thank god, we pulled out about 200 yds down stream at a friends house for a beer before we headed on to the Chute...I took it as a sign that I was suppose to drink beer that afternoon instead of paddling. They continued through the Chute and I continued drinking beer at the friends house.

Training as a Guide in WVa, we came across a paddler at Double Z without one...My trainer had a field day with that one since it was one of his long time buddies!
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New kid will do that to you. One very scary near death experience taught me to skip paddling when I feel tired and spacy. Short version, I tucked my grab loop into my skirt and swam and couldn't get out of my boat and was a CH away from the end.

Long Version: Two years ago after my son was born I went to do an after work run on lower clear creek at 750cfs. 9 years of boating and I never once tucked my pull loop into my skirt, but on this occasion, I have no idea why or how I didn't notice, but I did the unthinkable. I had done that run 10 times and never swam, even as a newbie. On this occasion, with my spray skirt loop tucked inside I decided to try the hero line at elbow, to catch the river left eddy that is immediately above the hole, which I caught and when I tried to ferry across to the right line against the wall, (this ferry line is about 5 feet upstream from the hole) I got rolled and floated upside down and sideways into the hole. I knew at this level I woudl flush but I was already completely winded and had zero breath. I let go of my paddle to pull my skirt only to find myself clutching at nothing. I was wearing gloves and could not peel my skirt off. I was already in the calm pool below. I felt all over for my paddle, it was gone. I tried hand rolling to no avail, (you try hand rolling a LL Huck) I tried kicking my way out, no luck there. I knew my buddy was right there, so I tried to slap the bottom of my boat waiting on tee rescue, no luck there. I then Tried the skirt again, nothing. Tried to kick out again, nothing. Tried to signal the tee rescue once more. By now, I was so far past the point of no breath that my lungs began to convulse, trying to suck in air, so much so I was having to force my mouth shut. They convulsed a second time, and this time my mouth couldn't stay shut and let in a little water. At that point I honestly felt so stupid that I was about to die in a calm pool of water that I became angry, very angry, like chew your arm off angry and so I started to flail all of my limbs and finally my skirt popped. Holy shit I'l never do that again. That was the only time I decided walked Screamin 1/4 mile,wihch was the only good decision I made that day..
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