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Lost paddle in the fractions

Lost paddle in the fractions section of the Ark just upstream from frog rock. It is a fiberglass Lightning paddle with a blue shaft and yellow blades, any info please call Daniel at 720-275-2739 thank you!

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I assume you were one of our Miracle Mile swim team members on Saturday. After the run I talked to someone down stream who said they saw a blue and yellow paddle heading down stream just above frog rock. They were not in a position to retrieve it when they saw it go by. So your paddle made it at least as far as Frog Rock, I assume you got your boat back.
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I rescued your boat and carried to the road after no one came down river for 20 minutes. This was about 1/4 mile below frog rock. Never saw the paddle.

I was on shore when two kayakers were with your boat when it came down empty. I told them there was a good eddy river right in 50 yards. Their reply was "It's not our boat". I had to yell at them to get them to push it in an eddy. Please practice good karma.
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We grabbed an unknown boat around number 5 today as well. put it up on the road after chasing it through five. No one seemed to be looking for it though. I know this is a little off topic, but figured I would let someone know. BTW it had a seven 2 paddle that we grabbed as well.
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Is this part of the ColoradoKayakers group stuff? I think there might have been a few miracle mile swim teams--or are we talkinga about the same group. I was in the first group that had 2 swimmers but I know we got both boats back so I know those aren't any of our group's boats. Is this the same Daniel that drives a black truck and has two huskies? If yes--I'd be interested in hearing about the 2nd grup and what happened. I'll check the other site too.
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There was some swim carnage on Fractions Sat at the end of the continuous, upper section. We came upon a group trying to unpin a boat from under a log with rope systems... as a couple members of our group assisted we sat in an eddy below. In 10-25 min in that eddy we assisted 3 swimmers from 3 different groups! God knows which group was which...
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No--this must have been after our group b/c the boat pin was someone who was going to go with us but went later. i guess the increased water levels really screwed with some people on Sat. Glad no one got seriously hurt.
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That was my boat that got pinned. Thanks to everybody that helped get it out. Took a z-drag and three of us pulling to get it. Still working on the combat roll...

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Hey Christoph...

Hey Christoph. I was one of the two boaters that came down while you were on shore. Thanks for pulling that boat out of the water. I had a hard time hearing you over the river, and didn't mean to be rude in anyway. I don't know if you remember me, but I paddled SBC with you a couple years back (had a silver tacoma and yellow embudo at the time). I can't beleive I didn't recognize you. Me and the other boater (Rob with the hand paddles) had run the Numbers, then met up with the other group of paddlers at Fractions. We chased a different boat for about 3 miles, bumping it and bumping it, before we finally got it to the side...where it pinned on a rock. I unpinned it, but the current tore it out of my hands and it went further down stream. We finally caught up to it again and got it to the side, but the wrong side from the road (so we thought), so we drained the boat, then bumped it accross to the other side...then we remembered we had crossed under a bridge miles ago, so the road was now on the other side. So we bumped it back accross, bushwacked our way out towards hwy 24 and stashed it. This whole time down the river, whenever we would come accross anyone, they would ask us if we lost a boat. We had assumed it was the one we were chasing, then a fisherman informed us of another boat, but it sounded like he said the boat went by 45 minutes before us...so we didn't think it had anything to do with our group. Anyway, when we came accross you, you said basically the same thing we had been hearing all the way down the river "Did you guys loose a boat?". At first I thought you were going to tell us you saw a boat float by like everyone else had, but then I heard you say you had fished it out. By that time we were extremely physically exhausted, I was running super late for my own barbeque, and the only thing on my mind was getting the day over with and heading home to people that were already waiting at my house (and drinking some water since I had left my water in my car). Also, we had the other boat stashed and didn't want it sitting there for too long (it wasn't hidden all that well and was bright red). Anyway, I'm sorry for seeming rude and unwilling to help...that wasn't the case at all. And thank you very much for pulling that boat out and taking it to the road. Ken (I think that's who's boat you fished out) did retrieve it and is very grateful for it. Perhaps we can paddle again sometime and I'll supply the after run beer. Thank you, and sorry again.

Clinton W.
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Wow, if you had done the Numbers, you had gone a long way. Yea, it did seem like a little miscommunication.

No problems.

I didn't recognize you on the river either. Weird. I'd love to share a beer and I'm happy to buy.
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