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Lost boats on Rockwood Box, Animas River

Green Salto and a Yellow Gus, last seen floating into the Lower Rockwood Box on Thursday June 16th around 6pm. Both boats had overnight gear in them, making this loss especially costly. Please contact Jeff for the Salto (970-471-3140, [email protected]) or Dan for the Gus (315-868-7827, [email protected]). We will make it worth your while. Thanks.

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just curious but how often are boats lost in the Lower Rockwood Box recovered? I thought that gorge was impassible. Are there access trails into the Lower Box where you can get down to the river to find stuff? Again, just curious about that area.

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Apparently there is some trails that access part of it from what I read recently. Some of the locals have been running parts of it from what I understand. In the description 1 rapid was boxed in and the whole river was only a boat length in width.

I want to hear what the story is in loosing the boats.
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If you spend the time walking around the rim, you’ll find access in places. However your not going to find accesses to the place that your boats have ended up, with out lots of rope work. You’ll have to wait for low water as well before you really even have the slightest chance of finding them.

Another thing before you go walking around in their, and this applies to all the people that are wonting to explore the lower box, AKA Pandora’s Box. Please Please be aware of where you’re walking and remember that you’re mostly on privet land. This area has very little access and all it takes to kill the access is a careless idiot, who gets cot by a landowner and razes hell.

I’m very worried about the volume of people who could be poking around in there come fall. Just be respectful and don’t destroy it for everyone.
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Yo E-Ro,

Don't you worry none son. I'll be doing all the pokin round these parts. You stay up north and get your kicks on Kahuna. Jus leave Baker's Box, Falls Creek, the 2nd Gorge of Lime, and ye old mystery creek to the locals.
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I don’t know what to say about your little comment about the locals their bud. You obviously don’t know me, bud I’ve done some pretty good things for you so called locals. I’ve put a lot of work in that area and that’s why I had a hint of concern in my previous post. I was just simply saying don’t destroy the work I’ve done and more importantly the playground for some people that have been in there for years.

If I had to say one thing about your comment “I’ll (you) be doing all the poking around these parts.” I’d say fuck you, you little shit! Apparently it take people from out of town to find new shit in your area.

There are some rock’n explore paddlers in you area who I respect very much for the work they’ve dun, but you, fuck you for saying that shit.
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what up man! Dano here. Easy wit da language dude, you might offend some sensitive individuals out there. J/k
anyway, nice pictures...sounds like you've been busy. Me too...ran escalante, upper east, and 3rd gorge of lime. Oh Yeah! I'm heading up to WY on tuesday to climb in the Winds. Make it happen man.
970 402 2661
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Boats are gone!!!

Even if you fine them there will not be anything left in them or much of the boats left. If the boats went into the gorge the river goes under ground in 2 spots and it is like a spagetti strainer. Some boats have gone through but it is usually a couple of years later that they suface. Sorry but it is the way of this canyon. Yes it is all private land and these guys will shoot first and then call the sheriff. Please be careful while looking. We will keep a look out for the boats and it would be you best interest to call the local sheriff or forest office and let them know that you lost the boats so they do not go searching for bodies.
Sorry guys but we will keep a look out for them.
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Boats in the sieve!

Yeah, if your boats went down they probably did not make it through the sieve. You will have to wait until the water comes down and then access the sieve from the national forrest (east) side of the river. The landowner on the west side of the river is very serious about keeping that land private and has pulled guns on people and escorted them out.
One thing to remember is that there are some locals and (i will not mention names even though i probably should) that rap down, find boats in the sieve, jug them out, and try to sell the boats back to the original owner. To me this is as bad as stealing a boat out of the back of a truck, or the feeling I got when two paddles were taken from my truck this spring. Karma is coming fellas!
Ask yourself this question, "If you found a boat would you really want any compensation other than a couple of beers and a thanks?"
I usually like most of the people i meet in boating communities. I know there has to be that one asshole, but why would you want to be that guy or his friend?
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I think I talked to you guys before the ill-fated trip if y'all were in a suburu. I was in a black tahoe and lookin for paddlin partners to hit the first gorge of lime and drilled y'all for beta on lime and vallecito. I couldn't find anyone to hit lime with that day and blew off the next day as the town guage was showin 3400. Probably was a good idea. So, how did you survive lime and vallecito and get it on the A? That sucks about the boats and gear. Good luck with getting them back!
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