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looking for kayak Travel Tips

I am heading to Ecuador in a couple weeks and I am taking my boat, a Pyranha seven O. Is it a good idea to get a bag for it for the flight like one of Salamanders kayak bags or will a cockpit cover be good enough?
Any other tips about traveling with a boat?


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Always use a bag. Airlines sometimes get weird about kayaks
This way if they ask you can say it is a surfboard/ski
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Definetly use a bag....or rap it in some type of cloth, or blanket.... The paddle usually gives it away, so try to wrap that as well.... Also, if it is curbside check in.....Try paying the guy off for half the price it would usually cost. (Usually like 30 dollars depending on the person)

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Yea, definitly use a bag, but that doesn't guarantee anything. We just tried to bring a boat down from Denver and got denied even though it was in a boat bag with windsurfer stickers all over it, and no paddle to give it away. Denver is the worst place to fly out of with boats in the country! We only get kayaks on the plane about a third of the time from there. By the way the boating has been great down here in Ecuador, a little low but that should change any day. If they won't take your boat, I have lots for rent down here, including a seven 0. Just contact me at [email protected]
Good luck, see you down here.
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I flew delta to costa rica last month and used a salamandar boat bag. I didn't bring a paddle because I didn't want to look suspicious, particularly because delta is not boater-friendly. I wrapped the boat in bubble wrap ostensibly for protection but really to disguise it. I showed up at the ticket counter and they asked if it was a surfboard. We said yes. It was heavy when when the handler picked up the bag, they were wondering what it actually was but didn't say anything. I reccomend that you do not pack your paddle gear inside your boat if you are trying to pass off a boat bag as a surfboard.

The same thing happened on the return trip. The bagagge handler asked if it was a surfboard and we said yes. I pad a $60 surfboard fee each way.

Someone in a previous post said that they lashed two kayaks together, cockpit to cockpit, and to told the baggage handler that it was a prototype surf ski -- bold. This approach might save money and it's also a good story to tell over a few beers. But it is really short-sighted and doesn't help the overall cause of flying with kayaks. If that baggage handler ever learns what actually happenned, they are going to feel humiliated. They may never learn, but if they do I don't want to meet them while flying with a kayak. There is a lot of gray area when flying with kayaks, maybe the line should be drawn somewhere.

My reccomendations are to dress and act professionally, use a boat bag to make your boat look like luggage, and don't do anything to make them hate kayakers.

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Originally Posted by airbag
Always use a bag. Airlines sometimes get weird about kayaks
This way if they ask you can say it is a surfboard/ski
man the guys name is airbag, he must know something about airlines and bags!
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Flown all over with my boats. Used to duct tape a webbing shoulderstrap on
and wrap in bubble wrap(pre 9/11) now I use a Salamander bag
My most unfortunate incident occured in southern Chile; 6 seater plane had no room for my boat and had to leave my baby behind until a friend could retrieve it and get it to Santiago for shipment back.
So make sure you are not on any small planes
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Don't fly Delta. United is straight up no problems standard kayak fee is $50 bucks. In Denver you even get to go to a special Oversized lugggage area that never has lines. Keep the boat light.

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I'm heading to NZ and am about to be in the same boat. When I bought my ticket for the Denver to LA flight I asked the lady on the phone if I would have any problems. I told her the lenth, weight, and that it was a whitewater kayak. Se put me on hold for like 10 seconds and told me it would be $50 and I would have no problem what so ever. The Airline was Frontier. We'll se what happens when the time comes. Most Airlines have an oversized baggage policy on their web site. Its worth checking out. Frontier's Policy allows for a wind surfboard with a 10 foot mast. I'm going to print out the policy so I have arguing leverage if it comes to that. I hesitate to lie about what if it is though. My momy always told me you make things worse if you lie. However, don't ask don't tell is always a good policy to live by.
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