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Boise, Idaho
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Liquid Logic's Warranty? Broke my kayak

I broke my Remix saturday. I have owned it 16 months (I have my receipt), bought it brand new and registered it with LL. I brought it to my local dealer, we did all the paperwork and now its a wait and see. LL's warranty is very vague so I'm in the dark as to what expect.

How much does a companies warranty policy weight in when you buy a new boat?


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Cpt. No Scout
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I wouldn't hold my breath. You might get lucky and there may be a defect in the manufacturing process that LL will honor. I did warranty work for an archery manufacture years ago and it all depended on my boss' mood of the day. Keep a positive energy flow going and maybe karma will help you out.

LL, WS, and JK are all so hype drivin. They will tell you or do anything to get you to buy thier boats. Even make shit up. I consider any boat from these folks as "buyer beware" and "As is, where is" more so than other companies. These companies make the best boats, but they really don't care much about customer service in the big picture. They will tell you they do, but they don't and given your boat is near end of warranty. They might pro-rate your boat and sell you a hull. But they will tell you your boat was 75% used or something. IMHO

Warranty policies have zero weight on any of my purchases. Tupperware is preaty soild technology these days. just saying.

I have seen pyranha replace an aboused hull for free. And LL replace a 9 month space cadet hull for $400.

Good luck,
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ashland, Oregon
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I've dealt with LL twice for cracked boats...I went straight to the source and e-mailed LL but I believe they would rather you go through the dealer where you purchased your boat.
Like you I was the original owner and had registered the boats on their site, both boats were less than 1 year old and both times the breakage was NOT a manufacturer's defect, lots and lots of use and some bad luck and both times I paid for a replacement hull and got them in a couple of months time from my first contact with them. With shipping to the west coast it came to $400-$500 per hull.
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Boise, Idaho
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Ouch!!!! $400-$500 per hull.

I had a recent experience breaking a Jackson 4 months ago in the exact same scenerio (bought it new, paddled it for 16 months etc.)and experienced nothing but top notch custmer service.

I'm going to keep it optiomistic and hope LL are in the holiday spirit still
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Jenks, Oklahoma
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Good luck. My bet is if you are lucky you get a replacement hull, maybe a factory second. So, be sure to save all your existing outfitting including screws and bolts. I have been paddling demo factory seconds mostly used in a dealer's clinics for maybe a season for a number of years now. So far so good. My thoughts being if they last for a season of clinics they are probably ok. New boats are really nice, just priced higher than I am willing to pay in this economy.
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Glenwood Springs, Colorado
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gotta disagree with idaho. I've warrantied the same original Jackson hull twice, the first time for free, the second time for $100. Each arrived direct to my home within 1 week or contact. You just can't complain about that level of service. Check my past posts for more details if you want them.
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Blarney, Iowa
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My friends have had great customer service with LL. They know the local rep well so maybe it's that, but from my experience LL and their customer service is solid.
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A warranty isn't giving away free shit. If the boat was made with something wrong and wasnt caught during inspection, and possibly baked to long than that's something. To get a warranty over. If you boat bash and abuse your kayak and it breaks than that's your fault not manufacturer. I'll gladly buy replacement shells over used or new boats anyday. You can't expect a kayak company to shell out free hulls to everybody that breaks one. I'm sure you were doing some quality rock boofing most of the Jackson that are warranties were playboats that had manufacturer defects, like a bad bake more than likely. How did you crack your remix
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I broke my Mamba this summer and filed a claim with Dagger. They did not replace my boat. It's really too bad boat makers don't offer a protection plan they way, say, Apple does for the iPhone. I would pay $150 extra for a new boat knowing that I could get a new hull within 24 months of the original purchase for, say, an extra $150 plus shipping on top of the $150 protection plan price.

Also, I'd like to add that Dagger and CKS made no mention of selling me a replacement hull. In fact, all I got from CKS after my claim was rejected was a "$100 in-store discount" offer if I were to buy a replacement boat at full retail. Thanks guys!
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Boat warranties are tricky, I attempted to warranty my Nomad last year (at 12 months and 23 days from purchase). Dagger (Confluence Watersports LLC.) told me that I would be able to get a new boat at a pro rated price of 20% of the cost retail price plus $115 for shipping. I went through my local dealer, signed all the paperwork, left him my cracked boat (minus some outfitting) and went on my way. Once they verified the warranty, and shipped the new boat to the dealer, the guy tacked on some additional fee to make the boat almost $700.

Liquidlogic has never done me or my paddling group wrong with warranties, they are always prompt with getting us new shells or boats. I will probably never deal with Confluence again after that horrible attempt at a warranty.
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