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Lets hear it Kayaks Vs. Rafts

So I know the fued but lets hear the pros/cons. They both have good qualities but i want to hear some of the less heard qualities. Im a beginner kayaker and was thinking a raft would be fun
so I decided it would be fun to see what comes up

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B.F.E., Wyoming
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excuse the four other posts i have horrible time on this frickin site
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I enjoy both. In the spring and early summer, I use my creek boat for the adrenaline and adventure that i crave, and then I use my raft for the longer overnighters in the summer. Now that I am older (24) I find appreciation in having my own rig on the river with everything i need: beer, water, food, herb, etc. and rowing some nice III+ IV water, (Westwater, Cat, Hells Canyon type shit) seeing as how I am not an BV pro, is a huge rush. Completely different high than a kayak. I say, learn to kayak and rafting will be easy. You can always bring along the XXX for the killin' play.
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Due to recent threads I am going to say rafts. Sounds like fun.
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Definately need both. Obviously kayaking is WAAAY cooler. you can always run much haarder stuff in a kayak and the logistics are so much simpler.

As alacy1 said rafts have there place too.

Great to be able to pack it all and not have to defend what you brought along to the uppity rafter who is carrying your shit.

Much more comfortable for long periods on the water, and much better place to have a drink holder and an umbrella in the dessert.

I don't overlook the challenge of rowing a heavy raft through slightly difficult whitewater either. If you are a decent kayaker, rowing is much more of a challenge and keeps it interesting on easier water, provided there is not tons of play to miss out on.

Honestly one of the worst parts of rafting is all the cleaning and the putting away of stuff that seems to linger on for half a week after a trip.

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Rafts are fun to take friends and family down the river, you can carry more beer, it is more social and relaxed and it is easy to get paid to do it.

Kayaking is cool because you can go places rafts can't go, it is more of an individual sport and if you want to do something stupid than it is just you doing something stupid.

They are both fun, get one of each!
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Yeah, dave franks comments are pretty spot on with the exception that kayaking is way cooler. both are very cool with the exception of playboaters,of course.

downside to rafting is that rafters tend to get stuck with all the logistics, planning, extra work of loading,rigging,unloading, dealing with the group poop(as in groover), the hours of gear checking/sorting/cleaning before and after a trip, dealing with the permit proccess and having the required permit gear at the launch. Along with the slight pressure that if you screw one thing up/forget one thing then you've ruined allot of people's vacation or weekend. Rafters tend to be better at all this too. Probably all the years of experience dealing with it and initially seemingly complex permit proccesses that become routine over time.

However, it an awesome feeling pushing out into the current at some hectic put in, putting the oars in the water ,relaxing abit and then disappear around the bend for a week of river camping, great food /beverage, whitewater and good company. It's all very worthwhile,at that point.

I should add that it is true that rafts and the whole rafting experience tends to make chics horny too. The booze,the warm sun, good food and going down a river all cleopatra style seems to get them going abit.
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OK, here is my take. I have had my raft about eight years now. I do 1-2 multi day trips a season with 10 or so "day runs". Well I gotta tell you, i'm sick and tired of watching all you kayakr's going by me and having all that fun. Now I want to kayak. Hopefully I can have the best of both worlds. Doesn't seem that hard to strap the kayak on the back of the raft for long flatwater sections. How hard is it to learn to kayak anyway?

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Rafts are a lot of fun and you can deffinatly haul more shit. Kayaks are small and dont have a whole lot of storage. The best thing is to have a raft carry all your shit while you have fun in a kayak. Having a raft around is not a bad thing, but I think having a kayak and a raft is ideal.
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I'd have to place a vote for my ducky! I love kayaking to but I also like having maneuverability and being able to carry gear.
I can still surf and run BIGger water like I am in my kayak, all while having my cooler full of beer right there.

That said, I think rafts and kayaks are both great. Being able to do both makes you a well-rounded "waterperson."

This reminds me of the Longboard vs Shortboard argument in the surfing community. My friends never understood why I did both.
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