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Kayak surfing in Baja?

I'm heading to Baja for a couple weeks and was wondering what the skinny is on surf-yaking down there? We'd consider taking paddling gear with if It was worth it. I'll be staying mostly in Mulege, but will plan on spending time on the Pacific side. If anyone has any info on where to go, I'd appreciate it.
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As I am sure you know, Baja has great surf, so if you like getting trundled in the ocean, then you will have a great time.....

Just keep in mind the water is pretty cold (especially this time of year) and lots of the classic breaks are rock/reef bottom, and very shallow when the surf is firing.......

Hit up Puerto Nuevo (North Pacific) for mad lobster dinners........My buddy and I were there a few months ago, and for $14 US, we each ate 7 lobsters, yes, SEVEN EACH, fresh calamari, tortilla soup, rice, beans, fresh tortillas ,2 beers, 1 margarita and 1 tequila shot.......That place is nuts, and the classic breaks of "La Fonda" and K-38 are not far away....

Have fun

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A little south of K-38, etc. is a camp called Zepplin. If you can find it it is absolutely beautiful and camping is like 5 bucks a night. It is right on this beautiful point and you can hike down to the ocean put in and paddle across the bay to some pretty good beach break. Becareful because you can get backed up on the wave and get dropped on you head on the beach whcih sucks - the sand gets everywhere imagineable, even down your drytop. Here we surfed with a few sea lions which was super cool.

A little south of there is a place called puntos todos or something like that. It is a pretty well maintained road (atleast for mexico's standards) that takes you down to the beach. Somewhere along the way is a small dirt road that goes off to the left. You drive for what seems like forever and you will question your choice of road but eventually you come to a steep hill that is pretty sandy and then around a corner and you will see a light house. Here is a great bluff that for a couple bucks you can camp or if you speak good spanish you can talk your way into camping free. If you miss the turn on your way in you will get to the ocean - no waves here but if you turn around and drive back the road is the second road from the ocean. Don't go down the first road it takes you to a super sketchy compound - scary.

THere is a small village on the bluff and if you walk down to the village you can get to the ocean for the best point break waves we found on our trip. This is a somewhat popular spot with surfers but it is big and you can spread out. The other trick we found is because it is a right hand break, you can surf the left side of it and stay out of their way a little more.

All of this is above San Quentin so if you get here you are too far south, but if you do make it here there is a really nice hotel that is pretty cheap and some great food in the town. Also some waves, pretty small when we were there, august, but could be bigger in winter.

Check surfing websites - they will usually give you some good info - good maps of baja are also a must. There is great surf in baja and it is super fun. ENjoy.

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As the above post have indicated, there are plenty of breaks all up and down the coast in Baja. I haven't been there personally but a lot of my buddies have taken (board) surfing road trips down there. Your best source of info is probably to start looking at board surfing websites to find some good spots. Two very helpful resources for swell forcasting that you're going to want to check out are surfline.com and wetsand.com
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Abron Cabron
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!Punta Conejo!

Although its way down south, (but not more than 3-4 hrs from mulege) on the pacific side- Punta conejo is awesome. Left point in the summer, right in the winter, and miles of stomping beachbreak. camping for 30p/ night, and theres even an outhouse and a watertank/shower apparatus. the landowner is a super chill old cowboy who likes the mota and takes his time talking (which is great for spanish 'tards like me to comprehend half the conversation). 4wd is almost mandatory, and you have to be fully Baja camping supplied, including water, shade tarps, all your camping supplies because there is literally no supplies to be had for miles... besides fresh fish. and a gas can, shovel, and a bike pump or air compressor of some type is not a bad idea, because if you get stuck in the sand (no good baja trip should go by without at least one good parking job up to the axles ) you'll need the pump to reinflate your tires enough to get to a gas station. and extra truck parts and a secod spare aren't a bad idea either. there is a little fishing village there, really just a shanty-town, and you can purchase some of their catch every day. The lobster pots weren't accessible because of hurricane swell (!), but one of the locals prepared us the biggest oysters i have ever seen, like 3" long and more than 1" thick. And the waves were epic. like the post above mentioned, be prepared for a serious stomping. i have never gotten worked like that. (i did paddle out to the pont on an 8' day.) after that i surfed the inside reformed waves, which were still a couple feet (plenty). it is far enough south that the water wasn't too cold at all, but that was july.the water in northern baja is actually colder than all of southern cali because of some current or another in the pacific.
To get there- driving south on Hwy 1, probably an hour and a half south of ciudad Constitucion, somewhere before LA Paz, the hwy goes west across the peninsula, and once there ( i don't remember exactly,but probably still more than an hour north of La Paz)- there is a fairly big sign for Rancho Conejo, with a Bugs bunny holding a surf board on the right side of the road. there is a dirt road goes 12 miles down to the coast, and the break. There is a little restaraunt store that has the last cold beer for miles, on the highway somewhere right past the turn off.
I have great memories of that trip. down in the tourist zone (cabo), there is also all the famous breaks like zippers, 9 palms, shipwrecks, etc... todo santos is across the peninsula from cabo as well. a mexico surf map was invaluable for us, to get @ locations to all of the breaks. i got one at a surf shop somewhere in socal.... have fun and !bueno suerte!....i am just waiting for school to end so i can go back.... i want to go check out all the travertine waterfalls on the mainland!... there is a ferry from la paz to mazatlan.......
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I'd add Punto San Jose, about an hour south of Ensenada west of Santo Tomas. Nice camping on the grassy bluffs overlooking the breaks. There's a small fishing camp at the pount where you can buy lobsters (we paid 20 bucks for a half dozen decent sized ones). Victor will show up in his izuzo rodeo and ask for 5 bucks per night camping, (he'll also try to sell you beer way over priced.) But, it means it's pretty safe. Check out the colorful outhouse for a map of the individual breaks. Given a good swell (I think NW) the breaks link up for 1.5 mile plus rides from the point down to mushrooms. There can be folks from SD on the weekends, but generally lacks any sort of localism attitude.

heres' a map:

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Thanks for all the great info. Anyone think its worth taking an old ZWO down there to unload cheap? Just wondering.
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Greg, I can't believe you still have that boat... hope things are well.

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Sward, I haven't paddled it in 5 years, but I can't seem to let go of the "Lawn Art" concept. It's a sexy looking boat you know.
I'm good, how's Durango treat'n you?
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Baja Surf

Howdy, I worked in Baja running a sea kayak program for many years and on our time off we hit the Pacific coast to surf in our whitewater boats. I have a master map of all the great spots we camped and surfed at, too many to put on an email. If you're still in town and want more info, email me. The one piece definitely to be aware of is Stingrays! I was nailed in the foot through wet suit booties at Pto. Conejos in the surf zone. If you are stuck by a ray: 1. heat up sea water 2. stick your affected limb in the water (dry bags work really well) 3. repeat for at least 30-60 minutes, keeping the hot sea water on the wound. 4. wash the puncture sight with antibiotic soap and water, and treat for possible infection. Have a great time!
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