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Jingus Operation

SO…a good friend of mine was relocating from Sedona AZ to Durango CO and in the meantime put all of his stuff in Storage in Durango. He had been making his rent payments with plans of returning to Durango for the paddling season. He called the East Animas River Mini Storage the month of March to ask if it was ok that he made his payment the following week, a week later than originally scheduled. That said that was totally fine and that they would document this in their computer. RIGHT??!!? He called a week later to make the payment and they said ALL of his stuff was GONE! To make matters worse the said manager of the storage would not divulge any information as to what they did with his stuff. My buddy said when he drove to Durango and spoke to these folks, they acted like total tweakers, and their story was sketchy at best. AND that the storage was owned by an Attorney who lives in NM. GO FIGURE !!?! If these were decent people you would think after seeing that there were family photographs, heirlooms and sentimental items, they might just call and say “hey we noticed that you have a lot of items of sentimental value, as well monetary value, and we just wanted to give you one last chance to make a payment so that you don’t lose it all”. Nothing. No phone call, no letter. There was a lease agreement and there are laws that state that the lessee should be notified with certified letter. There was no notification whatsoever. My friend has hired an attorney, but the case has not been resolved. Some of this person’s most prized possessions were in that storage, including a one-of-a-kind Lime Green Enigma with purple straps. A Pyranha Inazone 242 and a Dagger creek boat. Tons of camping and outdoor equipment, furniture stereos TVs etc. Needless to say my friend is devastated. If anyone in the Durango area has seen the Lime Green Enigma anywhere or has any information around this fiasco, or if you have any information about this jingus little operation called East Animas River Mini Storage please PM. He would just like to get some closure if nothing else, where the hell his stuff went. WHO would want to keep or buy photos of SOMEONE ELSES family???!! Who would be cruel and heartless enough to destroy these kinds of things?? It’s like some sort of conspiracy there where NO ONE seems to have any information. He has been given bogus leads as to who, where, what, when the alleged auction was. He does not believe there ever WAS an auction and that his stuff is being held hostage for some reason. Again, If you know anything about this, please PM. Also, if anyone has any spare paddling gear at all that you are looking to get rid of cheap or to give away please PM. I would drive from the Springs to pick it up. I just want to try to help my buddy recover some of his stuff so he can paddle what is left of this season. I did see some stuff on the gear swap, but some of it may be a little pricey for a dude who has just lost everything he owns in the world.

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