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Jackson Kayak is growing.... BIG TIME

Just thought that I would pipe in with some info from the plant. After a great Gauley Festival, I went down to Rock Island (JK HQ) for Team Week. It was really cool. We had our whole International factory team together, training, brushing up on competition strategies, and overall just developing the strong bonds that make this team very unique.

It's hard to imagine that we are already three year old, and with that comes new designs (every three years!!!). So that means all new Funs, Stars and Rockers!!!

The new Fun and the Mega Rocker are in full production and I can only say that they are tremendous. At 205lbs and 6 feet tall, I am soooo pumped up about the Mega. This boat is going to be perfect for the bigger folks that have been looking for some volume in a creekboat. Although I loved the previous Rocker, it was always a bit on the small side for me... Not anymore! This boat has been completely re-designed with nothing but goodness. The bow lifted about 2 inches, the stern about 1 (in my opinion). The by far most safest foot system in the industry just got better by adding hinges to the foot rests so you can easily get up front for additional storage/flotation. I can't say enough of how this thing lands big drops... BUTTER!!!!

The new Fun was getting looped higher than last years Star series and has the looks like it will compete very well. Although still a riverrunner at heart, this new design definitley gets a little closer to the freestyle boat. Although I was able to fit in the Fun just fine, at 205 I definitely swamped it out and am very much looking forward to the new 4Fun which should be out in the coming weeks.

The new Rocker and Punk Rocker (smallest in the line) are both designed like the Mega and are going to offer the public some of the best sizing that has possibly ever been seen in the creeking realm. They should be out in the next couple months. No more of a one or two size boat fits all.... WE GOT THREE SIZES!!!!! and each of them is super comfortable and all come equiped with the Jackson creeker foot system... very cool...

I however am now burried with getting the JacksonRec portion of the business up and running. We are slated to have 2 lines of recreational boats out by April. Our first line will be a hybrid moving water (class I or II mabey III) to more flatwater recreation. It will be awesome for the family that is looking to paddle in streams, lakes and just have fun getting on the water. It will come in three sizes, Kids/Med/Large and be built with the same quality that has made us so popular in the three years we have been in business.

The second line (day touring rec boat) will be out Mid May and is sure to be very innovative. There will be 2 sizes 10 and 12 feet long. We started the design phase last week and I am very stoked to see where we are going.

Even though we are coming into winter.... it just good to know that it all means another great season when this snow melts off!!!!

Jackson Kayak Brand Mgr

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body. But rather...To skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming... WOW !!!! What a ride!!!!!!"
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Sounds great. Can't wait to see the 2nd generation and the mega rocker in particular.

I love my Super Fun. At 6'1", 205 it has just enough boyancy to handle big water and still play well.

Marty, I am surprised you choose the 4 fun. We weigh bout the same, and I found the 4 just a little too small for big stuff, like the Middle Fork Salmon at 6'.

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Dave, I'm 6'6", 230, and paddle a SuperFun. I took it down the Main Salmon in June of this year when the flow was almost 28,000 at White Bird gauge. I had done the Middle Fork at lower flows than you in my SuperEZ (comparable volume) a couple years earlier, but this was big water for me. The SuperFun had plenty of buoyancy for me and handled the big waves and nasty eddies admirably. My brother, who is your weight but 4" taller paddled a 4Fun on the same trip and had no trouble.

Just my $.02, but I'd suggest you give the 4Fun another try. I think it would do fine in the big stuff out here. At the same time, I think it would increase "playability" a ton. YMMV & SYOTR.

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I didn't have "trouble" in the 4 fun at 6.25' , but I did think it lacked a little volume for my weight. If I didn't time my acceleration just right, the bow could sub out pretty easily. Also once the current got the stern, it could be difficult to get it back to the surface. This really only came up at pistol, where I pretty much ran the entire rapid in a stern squirt. The play isn't great at 6', but it did catch a few great waves. Stern sqirts and rocket moves, do not even require a paddle to initiate.

All said, at 205 lbs, I prefer the super in any kind of big situation.

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The new 4 fun has almost as much volume as the old Super Fun

here's the stats on the new boats. The new 4 fun is almost 62 gallons. The new Super fun is 70 gallons! BIG BOY BOAT.

2Fun Fun 4Fun SuperFun
Length 6' 2 1/2" 6' 6" 6' 9 1/2" 7' 1"
Width 2' 1/8" 2' 1 1/4" 2' 2 3/8" 2' 3 1/2"
Height 1' 7/8" 1' 1 1/2" 1' 2 1/8" 1' 2 3/4"
Volume 47 54 61 3/4 70
Price $995 $995 $995 $995

the old boats:
volume 46 51 57 63
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The boats I paddled, I assume were the old sizes. In the new sceme, I would go with the 4 instead of the super.
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