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is this really how is is?

Come on people im really sorry it all had to go down like this but i really think you people are overreacting. I would like to apolagize for all of this, i didnt think this many people would get this upset, and i take back all of the post i put up. I should have kept my mouth shut, but i dont really like being singled out and bashed. If you were at esclante this weekend im sorry i was a punk. But if you wernt i dont think this issuse concers any of you any more. thanks
conor finney

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e-town, Colorado
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spellcheck, or a dictionary...
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look dude, when your apologizing, even if you dont mean it, you should be respectful and contrite (look it up). When you qualify an apology, you just add fuel to the fire. If you guys had responded w contrition to elwoods original post, ill bet this whole thing wouldve blown over, and you wouldve garnered the respect of all of Buzzland. Instead, you front a smug, adolescent sense of entitlement, which i guarantee your sponsors want no part of. Youve taken gold and turned it to shit, with noone to blame but yourself.
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Seattle, Washington
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Haha, nice half-ass apology only after you can't hide behind your alias anymore.
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pnw, Colorado
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I think of the buzz as a community and there has been purse swinging on both sides of this issue. The broad view is that no matter who wins this or how it works out, the community has taken a hit. Lets move on and wish for more snow and a great season.

"Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself." -Rumi
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I'm dead center of the front range in Dever you fuck stick. Your early brained East vs West poo throwing kind of invites everyone to the show now doesn't it. Thanks for identifying youself as said "fuck stick" so you can be avoided until you grow up.

Here are some of your quotes to reflect upon. Interesting how your appology is timed with the outing of your alias.

all i have to say to say is that deal with the shit u were delt with.... u front range fag........guns and that kinda shit are the y dont u take ur mail order bride back home and deal with the west bitch... bc were here to stay.... WEST SIDE...o and any one ony i 70 ur just as bad

fuck the front range.... bunch of homos if u ask anyoE! on and when when DD said colorado boater are pussys. he was talking about the FRONT RANGE u g0d damm fagz... i got three worzzs for ya tea, FFRhomos

i personally think everybody is over reacting to this situation. I mean i apolagize for drinking glenns tequila but he did leave it by the fire and go to bed....u people need to stop complaining on the internet, i think that getting alex kicked off teams was a horrible choice, alex is a good kid and i have seen him way worse! glenn was the over top... all the other campers there didnt even think that we were out of control except glenn... kyle got up later and started drinking with us....o and if u want to talk to my sponser u can call brent toepper pm me and ill give u his number....all i have to say if u dont like the heat stay away from the fire!

i think u all should get ur story strait.... and not just listen to some front range dood get all upset and post some shit on the buzz... maybe u should talk to every body who was there.....we handled the firearms in the right way.... glenn is just upset his dog ran advice is to tie his dog up....

im sorry that all you front rangers have to do is sit on the buzz and talk shit, i anit no spoiled colorado kid i work very hard to be able to go play on the weekends. So go take ur trustfund ass to some other state your ruining mine.

im sorry glen that i drank your tequila, im sorry that i woke up esta and put a hot dog in his nose, kyle sorry if we kept you up. Next weekend there wont be guns but u can bet ill be if u want to come get rowdy your more than welcome to come join us!

i hope all u frontrangers get the message....if u come to the west to paddle expcet things to get a little rowdy if u dont like it i heard bear creek might be running. O and i have to ask if you leave a bottle of liquor at a party to u blame the people throwing the party of stealing it.... i sure dont but i guess thats how i was rasied

u guys are so easy to get fired up.... who cares its the buzz....u all should get a life and say out of my biz
"I think I handled my alcohol pretty well considering how drunk I was." -Cousin Dan
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e-town, Colorado
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well said d.
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I'm just upset that glen's girl prbably won't be down to drive shuttle anymore and that some crews want the dogs to be tied up while camping. That ain't right.

But Connor, apologizing is hard to do so big up for at least trying. I will say that that took some balls, even if you did qualify it a bit and it took you a long time.

Hopefully you learned from this like everyone else has. It's fun to talk shit on the buzz about hype and fake beef, but when the shit talking is based on real life events like this than its not as funny and people have more of a right to get pissed.

With that said i would just like to say that Vail is gay and all the vail posers better be cleaning out cross creek so i can show you all how its done.
Seriously Dude!
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Damn Connor, the worst part is that you probably ruined a perfectly good shuttle bunny!!!
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Allright, he said he was sorry, even if it was half assed, and it is time its time to let it go. Why is it that those who werent involved seem to be the most upset.
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