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Is there less of a way out, in no way out?

My roommate Kev dog, got back from a little early season Viagra boost on Vallecito yesterday and got denied by what seems to be an infestation in No Way Out.

Here's a photo of this mystery and I'll let you all slug it out over this form on whether there is or isn’t a new rock hanging out in Vallecito.

By the way the photo of this anomaly is located in the creek gallery because I can fig-your out how to post it on this form.


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Give me a call. Let's go boatin'.

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After my initial response exhorting you to go boating, I took another look at the photogrpah of NWO that you posted. After examining the photo through a form of modified Cheneyian juxtapositional analysis, using a series of pictures taken from the same location over a period of three years, I have to agree with you--something is amiss. And that something, as you so adroitly observe, is a Big Rock. In my opinion, an opinion embedded in an ethos of 21 years of kayaking experience and more than 30 runs on Vallecito, including three of those in one day, No Way Out should not be attempted in a kayak. The possibility of dismemberment or death is simply too great. Anyone from the Front Range, the East Coast, or just about anywhere in the continental U.S. should go to BV or Golden or Ogden instead. Evan, being the good samaritan that you are, I think you are morally responsible for continued updates about the status of this tragic event. Perhaps that rock will dislodge sometime around September? Oh, and remember, there is also that huge Ponderosa that fell across Pick-Up-Sticks.
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If you look at the top of NWO there is a small eddy right behind the wall on river left. You can fit one boat in there. the next person has to wait in the small pool above and then you just rotate people thru. Carry and seal launch. If the water is above 250 then the eddy starts to disappear, but NWO becomes marginally runnable. Scout this before you run so you can find that eddy. See ya, Johnny
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So eloquently put S.F. I wholeheartedly agree by the fact that NWO has become exponentially harder, judging by the photograph. As floaty22 pointed out though, an alternate route may be possible at certain flows. This 'alternate route' was conceived as a means to 'boat' NWO at a level of about 200 cfs.

So...could this new twist of fate truelly mean NO WAY OUT??? I think we should let people like E Ross decide.

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It looks like we might still be able to make it river right when it has good flow. Might make it that much more exciting. I think the big question is can someone fit through the sieve in a boat, because going through them is okay as opposed to the alternative.

If not, it is possible to exit the canyon on river right immediately above Paddle Bitch. I'd reccomend a fixed rope, but you don't need a harnass or anything...
Kyle McCutchen
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