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Info. on RPM Kayaks?

Hey-- This is "newbie" b here... I have been continuing on my quest for kayaking. Staying at a local hostel this weekend I had the chance to talk with some "seasoned" kayakers. They said if I want to do it right, then I just need to get six boats, one for each type of kayaking that I wanted to do. Ha. Anyway, I narrowed it down to two types of kayaking that I would like to do; river trips and white water kayaks. They mentioned the kayak, "RPM". They said that they don't make them any longer but RPM's are great boats for beginners to learn on. Any thoughts, experience with this boat? Thanks.

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It is true the Dagger RPM is a pretty solid boat to learn in, and I believe that they still do make them by the way. Not that it matters because I am sure you can find a used one. Depending on how fast you progress however you might find yourself wanting a different boat (or boats) quickly because the RPM is pretty much strictly a river runner. The RPM rolls really easily and is great to learn in but I think a hand full of playboats are just as easy to roll and you might find yourself enjoying more rivers in a shorter boat. The boat that got me stoked on boating was a short Dagger G-Ride. GREAT learner boat and very forgiving and easy to roll for a boat that is under 6 and a half feet. Just try some boats out and see what you like, everyone likes something a bit different.

I would strongly suggest getting to one of these pool sessions and getting in as many different boats as you can, most boaters are cool with you taking their boat for a quick spin.
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The RPM is a great boat if you can pick one up cheap. Like rideon said, you will probably outgrow it quickly. It is a dated design. That said, it is still my boat of choice for runs like the Grand Canyon where you need a fast boat to catch big waves and you want a boat you can sit in comfortably for 200 miles. But it isn't often you get to runs rivers like the Grand. For everyday boating, the RPM will be good for your first runs, but once you get to the low intermediate stage you'll probably want to move on to a more playful boat.
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Though the RPM was once thought of as a great boat, those days have fortunately now passed. It is now thought of, how do I say this nicely, as a piece of sh!t. There are many, many better boats out there on the used market. A friend of mine purchased a used Wave Sport EZ for fifty bucks last year, therefore proving that there is no longer any reason for any person to purchase an RPM for more than that price much less purchase one at all. The EZ is a far superior boat with a "modern day hull" and the ability to river run and play all in one package. There are a variety of other, easy to find, used boats out there that are again far superior than the RPM. The disco, EZG, kingpin, fun, S6, or any number of other, "old" boats would be better than the RPM. The X boat would even be a huge step up from getting an RPM. Three words - don't do it. There is only one reason why anyone would tell you that you should get an RPM - and that is to sell theirs to you.
Go to a roll session, try some boats out and stay away from that archaic piece of shiat.
Evan Stafford
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The best way I can say is that if I had a buddy starting kayaking and asked for advice, RPM wouldnt be mentioned.
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Haha! That is great how you are all trying to sugar coat the boat..."how do I put this..."piece of shit, anarchaic and old". Ha ha! I love it! Thank-you all for being so brutally honest. This is exactly why I posted it on the buzz, I wanted to hear the low down and dirty truth. I may still try it now just because it sounds so awful. I am getting to the pool sessions here sooner than later. Thanks.
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