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Inflatable kayak IK question...Aire Spud vs Tomcat or similar

I currently have an Aire Tributary Tomcat Tandem and an Aire Spud for my wife and kids when they want to join me on something. My wife is less than 130 lbs and both of my kids are currently under 100 lbs so the Spud has been great and they all enjoy paddling it. I'm wanting to get another solo IK because the Tandem is a handful for my petite wife and it's even worse if she has one of the kids and/or dog in it with her. My son goes back and forth between his hardshell or IK depending upon the river and as he slowly progresses will likely paddle less in the IK which would allow both my wife and daughter to be in a solo of some sort.

My main question is, what is the benefit of a longer solo IK like a Tomcat or NRS Outlaw vs the Spud for someone in the 100-130 lb range? If there isn't a big difference then it makes sense to buy another Spud because it's almost half the price of the larger solos but I wanted to ask before buying another one as we've never had a larger solo for them to try. My wife has loved the Spud when she's paddled it but of course it's the only solo she has been in. I don't think they'll ever be comfortable paddling anything over III+ so they won't be running the gnar in it.


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My vote would be for the Hyside Padillac over an AIRE, hands down. Handles better, is more comfortable, and less flippy, in MY opinion.

Have used both, and swam a lot more with the AIRE's than the Hyside, not to mention it's hypalon and not plastic so it'll last much longer.

Not that there's anything wrong with a zippered plastic bladder ducky in and of itself, lots of folks love them, but the Padillac spoiled me big time.

My 2, your mileage may vary
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Mnichols, are you 100lbs?

I've been running my 16' avon pro in the big water runoff III out here and lemme tell ya I'm way more likely to swim out of that than any of my other boats I could choose.

why? because the floation:cargo ratio is hosed. A bag angle on a good surf wave will flip me. there's no mass to drive through the pile, it's all flotation at the whim of the river.

the padillac might be less swim prone than a typical AIRE IK ... if you are 2x -3x the size in question. When the big tubes and wide cockpit add up to flotation and stability.

For a small body, it's just gonna be really hard to get a blade in the water with a loose fit on the hips and large diameter tubes to get over.

OP: the spud sounds like a great fit for now. Maybe lean solo strike or tomcat if they want to run more ww in the IK, or if you are thinking about a few years along as they grow.

a longer solo boat will mostly just carry more weight. it'll pivot slower and wont be able to surf as small of waves due to waterline. it could handle kid+dog better than the spud, or 1 person + gear for short/light overnighting. spud will fit better now.

Borrow/demo if you can?
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Thanks Slickhorn! That's what I was thinking. My daughter and wife are full grown (I hope anyway) so my son's the only one that may outgrow the Spud but he's getting progressively more comfortable in his hardshell and it won't be too long until he could handle the Tandem Tomcat. I just ordered another Spud as my wife has felt really solid in it and she's the one I'm most concerned about. At half the price of the Tomcat it's tough to beat for a "little person" who doesn't aspire to run gnarly stuff. Thanks again!
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