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Bozeman, Montana
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I.k. descions advice

Iam Looking at a nice 2017 aire lynx 1 for 900. I'd like to get it but it's a Craigslist deal and the guys a headache. We're just having fun and the kids goof on them and friends could use it too so no ambition to do class V but I would like to do our class 3 stuff and an overnight or two. But now iam wondering if I should just go buy a new tomkat and forego the headaches and drive to near by town. Will we notice the lerformance and manufacturing differences? Wonder if you can transfer warranty? Any thoughts? Thanks charlie

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I have purchased used a few times and new boats many times.

You make up your own mind. Since you asked for feedback, here is mine.

For me to buy a used boat, it has to be a boat in excellent condition, a fair price and a truthful easy to work with seller.

If the money for the used is anywhere close to a new boat, I always go with a new boat. The hassle of buying used is just not worth it to me, unless it is a killer deal on the used boat.

One thing you get from a new boat is a warranty. And, if you watch all the sales, you just might get a good deal on new boats.
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Bozeman, Montana
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Yeah I guess that's why I asked. The lynx is 300 more used than a new to.kat and 400 and a little less than a new lynx. So iam wondering more about how much of notice the difference in the two. But that's been covered a zillion times now absent it lol. Thanks for reply!
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City of Trees, Idaho
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AIRE warranty definitely transfers to new owner
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Tomcat is a fine boat, but it will not hold its value like a lynx 1.

And the exposed sewn seam along the waterline will abrade with time. I always recommend covering that exposed seam with aquaseal if you are counting on many years from the boat.

a few years of III for the kids? Tomcat AOK.

That said, I own a Lynx 1.
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I was in the same situation as you 3 yrs ago: new T-Cat or lynx? I went for the tcat and have no regrets. I have had it for 2 1/2 yrs now and it looks like new.My one consideration is that I treat it with care, [much more so than my Sevy Sk100, which is an absolute tank as far as construction goes ]. I always store it indoors , inflated a little less than full, and never drag it over any rough surface. I like Slickhorn's idea of covering the seam with aq.seal and may do that later this summer. My friend has an old tcat that he bought used and really abuses and it is still going strong.

The other option would be a new Strike, which is still much less than a lynx but really up there in performance if you read The Boat people review. The bottom line being that you won't go very wrong with any AIRE/Trb. product.
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Bozeman, Montana
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hey thanks for the advice. So i just impulse ordered a new strike from boatpeople today so we shall see. Iam no badass so hopefully I will never even know what iam missing. They called soon after and are super nice and stoked me out with some other stuff for great prices. So it's time to give it the onion and have some fun! We're spending two weeks up in up in glacier and I plan to do laps on the middle fork class 2 and 3 section as well as go karts and water park and milk shakes and fly fishing. My 74 old father in law just volunteered to sit in the front of the tandem lol! He said he was going to bring his tire tube with paint bucket lid laced in till I said maybe not! Ok now to other chores thanks again
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FYI. They changed the tomcat to eliminate the stitched outer seam. It is now welded.
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