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I just asked National Park service about hydrospeed riverboards

So I just read the craft that can be used on the Grand Canyon it said that “Carlson riverboards” are for rescue purposes only. It didn’t say anything about hydrospeed riverboards like the anvil, which are actually used for river running, in fact Carlson riverboards aren’t real riverboards at all in my opinion, see now that okc riversports uses anvil riverboards, they refer to the Carlson boards as riversurfing. So maybe Grand Canyon National Park might have a different approach to hydrospeed boards aka real riverboards that are actually used to run rivers.

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What's a Hydrospeed River Board?
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There's some context about river boards on Grand Canyon.

Almost 20 years ago, three women ran the entire Grand Canyon self supported on river boards. They even hauled film gear and made a movie about it (Three Women 300 miles). It's a good movie. Check it out.

Spoiler: when they first showed up for their launch, the ranger said that a board isn't a boat, and they were denied their launch. They worked a couple years and convinced the superintendent that the USCG considers them boats, so they should be allowed to go, and they were.

Since that time, the NPS has revised its rules so everybody knows up front that river boards aren't approved.

I wonder if there have been any incidents that prompted the NPS to list them specifically as not allowed. Paddle boards are allowed, but you probably won't be approved for self-support like you would in a kayak or canoe. I know people take packrafts, but they also wouldn't be approved as the sole crafts without any raft support. Same goes with surf boards; Laird paddled the whole thing on one, but it isn't an approved craft. The regs do discuss "secondary, discretionary use watercraft" (page that includes paddle boards. I wonder if river boards are considered "secondary, discretionary use watercraft."
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But the anvil riverboard is in fact a different type of riverboard than the Carlson riverboards. It is in fact basically a boat or kayak that you lay on, they basically cut out the bow of a kayak and turn it into a riverboard it’s even listed on the fluid website as a kayak. The rules mention Carlson riverboards. Maybe they haven’t even seen an anvil riverboard or a hydrospeed board because it’s more of a European sport.
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Then of course all the latest Carlson riverboard videos they are always in a raft when they start out.
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Packrafters can do self supports- I have lots of friends who have done them. (MikeSee, etc.). Modern packrafts with cargo zippers can carry as much or more gear than a long boat and it's easier to pack (and they're pretty easy to roll, even fully loaded.) Alpacka Raft makes great whitewater worthy packrafts; I know folks who have done the whole thing without a single swim. Several other companies make ok boats, but they all just ripped off Alpacka. My craft of choice is now a kayak, but I'll always be grateful for my first alpacka that got me into whitewater, and I still love it for what it is. As for river boarding... I have no idea.
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