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Front Range, Colorado
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I don't have a point, (or "wish I was anywhere but here

... I'm stuck with this jackass on my phone line who won't shut up.... and I'd rather be just about anywhere than dealing with this at 2:30 in the afternoon on a Friday....
and the following scene is stuck in my head--

Not far from the take-out on the river last week:

Kid in a raft- "Daddy, why does that lady get to have two paddles?"
Redneck- "Because, son, that's whut we call 'CHEATIN!'"

My c-1'er friend the entire 3+ hours home:
"Soooooo cheater," "cheater....."
"CHEATER!!!!" "uh-huh cheater--"
"and then what, cheater?"

I just wish I could tell this moron on the phone exactly what I'm sitting here thinking about him right about now: this "real job" sh!t is entirely overrated......

(sorry, I'm afraid I'm just venting at this point-- can I go home yet???)

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"anywhere but here"

Be carefull what you wish for.....
You could be here in Dallas. It hasn't rained since January 3rd. Anywhere i want to paddle is 4+ hours in any direction. When people see me paddling with a double bladed paddle all they do is call the fire department because they think I am drowning in the drainage ditch I'm paddling in.
Count your blessings. it's Friday. And surely you're off the phone by now.
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Front Range, Colorado
Paddling Since: 2005
Join Date: Jun 2005
Posts: 274
Thanks for the chuckle this afternoon...
In case you couldn't tell, I think I'm having a serious case of the shut-ins-- it's been a long week here!

I'm finally off the phone , but when I posted earlier, I was having one of those moments I just wanted to stop the guy and ask him a) if he'd ever given any consideration to the fact he was a moron, and b) if he actually thought I cared about any of the questions he was asking-- questions he was also invariably answering himself?? I'm not normally an intollerant or impatient person-- but sometimes folks just pushandpushandpush until it's about all you can do to not repeatedly bang the phone against the wall and ask if they're out of their f*&%^$in' mind!

Well, there's that, and it's a pretty day here, they gave me a window with my office, I've been staring out at sun and blue skies and foothills (I can see the parking lot, with my car and boat rack out there, to boot) all day, and my boss left early-- but when I asked her if she minded if I followed her out, she informed me if it was still quiet between 4.30 p.m. and 4.45 p.m. she'd be fine with it....

So which way to the closest river from here at this point, y'know?? Don't worry, I'll be a nice person again by Monday.

Where exactly do you go to boat out of D'town, BTW?
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Join Date: Jul 2005
Posts: 10
In Dallas:
White Rock Creek (drainage ditch)
Rowlett Creek (drainage ditch)
Trinity River Playpark (toxic drainage ditch)
Hill Country (Austin- San Antonio)
Too many to mention but 4 hours away
Cossatot 4+ hours away.
I am actually scheduled to go to the Ocoee NEXT weekend. Isn't that in YOUR hood?
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Could even be worse:
Sitting in the office on a Saturday AND Sunday preparing for a trial that will probably never happen while staring 53 stories down at the NOISY grand prix. Somebody come and take me boating...
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I didn't notice. You seemed very helpful and attentive. I guess I am a moron.

You deserve a raise.
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Front Range, Colorado
Paddling Since: 2005
Join Date: Jun 2005
Posts: 274
Hey FlipIt....
Man, not to sound like a total snob, but I'm glad I'm not you right about now! And it's not even because you live in Texas, either! :P I don't know, I'm just one of those freaky folks who's a little weirded out by poor water quality: you start talking toxic sludge, sewage, factory polutants, or whatever boils to the street surface by the end of a good urban summer storm, and you can count on my drybag being packed and me having already started the hike back to the car-- C'YA!!! .... yep, I'm ABSOLUTELY a weenie. I think growing up on the coast, followed by living too many years on the MS River will do these things to a girl, though, so I'm gonna go on pretending I have some kind of an excuse.

I am thinking there could be an upside for your being in Dallas, y' know (I'm interested in running the Cossatot myself; it only goes iv/ iv+ in the spring, right)??? You're about equally split between the east and west coast rivers and boater communities, so if you're gonna travel, you've got *twice* as many options on the table as the rest of us??? Hey, I'm just trying to look at the bright side of things here.

UGH: I feel your pain! I just couldn't do any more of those 14 hour days or 7-day workweeks in my brief "legal career" myself... it sounds like you may have it even worse, though?? I'm so sorry, and I do hope you managed to get at least a couple of hours of sunshine and the outdoors before it was all said and done this weekend?

And HOTPotato (you're officially renamed in my book now, congrats) :
I've forwarded your email to my boss. Any actual raise I receive as a result of your glowing performance review, I'll be more than happy to split with you in the the way of salsa, margaritas, and plenty o' beers to go around!!

Oh, FlipIt, one last thing... yeah, the Ocoee's my neck of the woods. One of my friends had this brilliant "By the Numbers" plan while we were in NC this past weekend, so what he's wanting to do is 5 rivers, 4 states, in 2 days this upcoming weekend. We haven't ironed out all the details, but we'll be hitting the Ocoee either early Sun morning, or later that afternoon, just depending on the route. I'll prob be wiped, but do you have any idea when you'll be getting OTR that day??
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Mountains on the river!!!, Idaho
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You all need to get fun jobs. Working at Rocky Mtn National Park, work 4 10hr days, 3 day weekends, Low water Pourdre, and Gore nearby. But then again, you probably make better money than me, and dont have to quit, to go back to school. Guess I cant be too much of a smart ass.
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Hey SK,
Money is overrated. And "better money" is an oxymoron. I thought you had to be at least 65 to work at RMNP. At least everyone I saw there was at least that old. I'm at least self employed and have a flexible work schedule. For instance, tonight it rained like hell here in Dallas, so I took a dinner break from my 24/7 work schedule and hit White Rock Creek from 8 pm to 11 pm (one of the few advantages of urban whitewater- there are so many Starbucks near the creek we can paddle all night off the glow of neon).
Newby, I don't know when we are going to be on the Ocoee. It depends on what else is running and who actually goes on our trip. Just look for a bunch of guys in kayaks that look like they are from Texas/ Arkansas.
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Front Range, Colorado
Paddling Since: 2005
Join Date: Jun 2005
Posts: 274
You know, that's a really dangerous suggestion for you to put out there, FlipIt! Being here in TN, we have to have a few states we can feel superior to, and unfortunately, Arkansas just happens to be one of 'em.... If I'm looking for "a bunch of guys in kayaks that look like they are from Texas/ Arkansas," I'll probably spend all afternoon paddling up to folks in recreational perception kayaks without skirts or PFDs (okay, so that would fly for about two seconds on the Ocoee, but...), trailing cooler floats tied to the back grab loop of their boats, and listening to NASCAR play-by-plays on the radio they've rigged to the hull--

If you do happen to see a strawberry blonde girl in a pepto-bismol pink Jackson fun on the river this weekend, please do smile and wave, though. I'm one of about 3 pink whitewater kayaks in this region!
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