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how to weld polyethylene??!?!??

Hey all,
I have just purchased an old town canoe for a good price, but it has a small crack in the floor, just thru the inner layer of polyethylene into the foam core... I talked to old town and they have an adhesive epoxy that they say will fix it 100%, but I would feel much more comfortable using something that will actually rearrange the molecules together?? I'm looking for either a heat weld, or preferably a chemical solvent that will "melt" it back together? anyone have any ideas on this? I have no idea what will melt a kayak/canoe, if anyone has ever intentionally or accidentally found what will dissolve polyethylene, please let me know!?

also, if anyone knows where I could get pieces of plastic from an old town canoe that I could experiment on, that would be very helpful too!!!

thanks in advance, I know this won't be the first question like this!!!

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I'd first follow the instructions that the manufacture gave you on how to fix it. My guess is that have lots of experience/information on fixing their own products. Then, later on down the road, if you are un-satisfied with their method, you can try to "melt" it.
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Don't melt your boat...

ec, is right. Don't risk melting your boat. Some plastic kayaks can be welded, but by no means can every plastic boat be welded. If the outside hull is still intact, just patch the crack inside the boat. Follow the directions that Old Town gave you, and you'll get to use your new canoe.
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