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How much fun is kayak water skiing?

I heading to my brother's for the weekend. He's on a big lake with water ski setup. How much fun is using the kayak with a tow rope? Any danger I should be aware of? Thanks.

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Kayak water skiing pretty much sucks. Its an interesting novelty for a video or for one try, but it isn't much fun after that. You are in a crappy position for getting pulled, your boat easily pearls and if you edge the boat it goes one way and you get dumped. I'd much prefer actual waterskiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, or getting dragged on an innertube than bringing the kayak. Just my two cents. The other watersports are lots of fun though, and beer and powerboats is a great combo! Have fun.
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gotta agree with deep south........ tried it a couple different boats plus a squirt boat

not cool at all
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If you did get lots of speed before you dumped, imagine how many cartwheels you could throw!

Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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Ahh... Yes, Power-yaking! The only real danger would be if you tied the rope to the boat and flipped at 50mph. We usually held on to the rope so you could let go when things went wrong.

It's a little tricky starting out straight. Start slow for a little bit then gun it to get up on plane. You will need to find the right speed for your kayak. It will porpoise when get going too fast. It's fun to surf the wake, plus it takes some pressure off your arms.

I used to have some videos of some nut-cases launching waterski ramps in kayaks...
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Watch the shoulders.
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Somewhere out there is a video of Corran setting a record for fastest speed in a towed kayak, or something like that. I've done it, once. Not fun at all, it was in a Dagger Crossfire and it didn't take much speed before it was violently skipping off the surface of the water.
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Getting pulled behind a boat pretty much sucks. But if you have two boats, give wake boating a try like they have in one of the recent kayak flicks. Drive two boats real slow about 10 feet apart. Where the wakes meet a nice rodeo hole will form. You need to get pulled with a ski rope and work your way over to the hole until it forms enough to keep you in it. Then just let go of the rope and start spinning/looping/cartwheeling/etc. With skill you can stay in there all day. I've got no skill but it was still fun. In the kayak flick Tao was doing it behind two $70,000 wakeboard boats and was throwing every hole trick in the book. We did it behind two rental boats at lake powell and while the hole wasn't as big as Tao's it was still plenty big.

One caution note if you try it. Have a second person with their hand on the kill switch if your not using an inboard ski boat. We were using an outboard and I ended up sidesurfing behind the boat about two feet away from the prop. I call that sik trick the Chop-suey side surf. Or better yet, don't even try this with an outboard.
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I had a kick ass time being pulled behind a boat!! The problem I initially had was speed.......I found that when the pulling boat was going too fast, I was basically porpoising dangerously. So, when I got the speed dialed in, it was pretty sweet, I was able to flat spin and surf the wake. I only did it once though........discovered that the "correct" speed caused my hull to oil can.
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Didn't Corran Addison design some sort of hydrofoil type thing for that?
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