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Jackson, Wyoming
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How many swims for you scubs?

Ok, so all the low water beatings dished out in CO this year I what reasons and stories. I'll start, I don't swim in low water. No swims in 2yrs. I have however not been getting after it like I used to. Last swims were Below NF of the slate in the lower gorge and magnetic wall escalante.

By default of not sacking up and admitting it- Scott Young- 3 swims. One in ssv at, well low water. Source debakle-1 swim, in low water. Big South-double trouble, can't really fault anyone for swimming there. 1 swim.

Lets hear the facts- you know. My skirt blew, my paddle broke, I fell out of my kayak, my boat didn't go where i wanted to, the sun got in my eyes.

Fred, Kyle, Evan, Marty, El Flac, Pagel, Jason, Bruno, All you others. WHO PULLED AND WHY!

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ummm haven't had a swim since.....

2 years ago I had a couple on the Numbers. Number 5, clocked my head on a rock, knocked me to the backdeck, tried to roll, got clocked again in the head and knocked to the foredeck, started seeing stars and feeling woozy, I pulled the loop.

Had a second swim somewhere down the line from there, not even sure why. My excuse was and is, I drove the night before to hook up with Tomcat and some other guy who drove down from the front range. I forgot Wolf Creek Pass was closed for construction during the night and spent a long huge sleepless night in my Samurai which is not built to be slept in by a 6'4" lanky tard like me.

Flame away.....
And the Lord said, let there be whitewater. So on Friday, the 13th day of the month....
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placerville, Colorado
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last swim was ice lakes creek [trib of s. mineral] in 2001. no excuse, got spun on the top of the 1st of the 3 biggish ones, took the biggest one upside down and landed upside down, thus falling out of my boat [ha!] and swimming in the cauldron above the last falls. it sucked my savage scream behind the falls into a cave and kept it for awhile, until we were able to prod it out with a long log. i was lucky to have not suffered the same fate. kind of started to tone it down about then. really toned it down since my twin girls were born 3 years ago, but came really close to pulling on the futa [class 3] last winter.
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GWS, Colorado
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Gary, we haven't met bt i am friends with jerimy and Scott. I think you were going to borrow my mx before you had shoulder surgery. Sorry to hear about the cankle.

Funny shit calling Scott out. This spring he told me that he never swims. He must have meant unless he swims.

My last swim was lower death on Barrel. two years ago. New playboat, new bent shaft, medium water and the first time kayaking for the year. I was nervous before I got in and when I went to peel out i took two huge slice strokes. My pathetic strokes made me more scared. I froze like a board, went over the first pourover and flipped. I was pushed hard left and was getting raked over the rocks. I bailed. once i realized that i was 3 feet from shore i felt like a total jimmy (sorry all you jimmy's). J-bo ran my boat down and Tommy Hilikie(sp) pointed me to my paddle. The only thing i lost were my crocs, and that is becasue j-bo wouldn't lend me his caribener to clip them in. He said he used it to keep his skirt up when walking. I did find one of the crocs floating at the takeout.
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Seattle, Washington
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I've had three swims this "season"....most I've ever had.

First: Swam on first ledge of Fall In The Wall, S. Fork Snoqualmie. Was worried about getting wedged in pin rocks.....this swim definitely should not have happened.

Second: Swam out of Initiation on the Top Tye. Sticky eight foot ledge below Box Drop. Got sucked back in, made a few attempts to get out then remembered the three others behind me that were about to boof on my head. Didn't want to risk it and pulled since there was a small recovery pool nearby.

Third: Just over a week ago. Flipped at the crux ledge in P.O.W. on Tumwater Canyon, rolled, flipped, rolled, sucked into large hole with no breath. Pulled with no air left.

I'm proud to say, I self-rescued myself and all my gear each time though. Nonetheless, I'm hoping for a better winter season.
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Judgment Cometh From 'He Who Needs Training Wheels on His Huffy'.

Swim # 1 - Like practically everyone else this year, I took a swim on Bear this year. One of those easy, non-descript slides below No-Fun, I think around 380. I went for a boof on the far left side, and when I cleared the hole and skimmed over the backwash I rammed the wall bow-first on the left side, whipping me straight backwards (like one of those bungee-leases you see on kids at the WalMart). I immmediately fell into a slowly-melting side-surf in aerated water, and figured out pretty quick that I was going to window shade or sink without getting let go. I pulled the skirt while trying to maintain a one-armed side surf, all the while looking at Corey and his goddammed smirk as I proceed to go under. The boat gets swept downstream into a pin that required 5 guys & a z-drag to dislodge.

Swim #2 - Thought I saw a 'sweet' left-to-right move in the top drop of the Black Rock Narrows. Just so y'all know, the move is still right or right-to-center. I charged across but still got broached on the fang rock on center right. After getting stuffed at zero speed on the hole beside the fang, I get swept into that mass of rocks on the right side and take shots to all exposed parts. Luckily I get pushed into an eddy on the right; my boat went down to the river left 2 drops below Mr. Bill.

Swim #3 - Repa destroys his hand playing Tarzan in the Third World, so I buy his SCUD from him so he can pay 1/254th of his surgery deductible. In my infinite wisdom, I decide that test-driving this fine example of Kiwi Hole Bait is Bailey at 600. I barely handle my business until just beyond Trashcan(walked Max, BTW), where I decide to check the boofing capabilities of a boat that is about the same height as my wife. There's a river wide hole that comes in the boogie water section about a couple hundred yards below Trashcan. I believe it's snuck up on many other boaters too. Oblivious to an easy tongue on the far right, I try boofing the pile off a flake on the left side. I make the boof, but I get a repeat of Swim #1- smack the rocks on the side with my bow, and lose all downstream momentum....which is hard to re-establish in a pygmy creekboat. The backwash catches me with enough time to spin the boat towards the hole and try to get set up to surf the hole across the river right. T-Boner looks upstream at this moment, seeing me deliberately paddle into this boat-eater from the eddy, and thinks, "This assclown is going to get destroyed".
And I was destroyed. BUT- After I punched, I got swept into an eddy on the right with my boat and all my gear. Walked Deer Creek for the first time (non-crippling-hangover-affected) since my first Bailey run..with you, Gary

My blanket excuse for swimming: "That f'ing rock stole my line!" Feel free to use it.
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Interesting how I get called out in a swim story thread when I didn't even get to hit the water this year.

BTW Flaco, is that SCUD big enough to fit your ego comfortably? I know how you were concerned.
Stay Wet
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As a man of a few swims, I hate talking about them. They always seem so ridiculous after the fact. Looking back, I'm glad I swam maybe twice in my career.

I'm at two this year. One was highly embarrasing while in front of the tRL crew on Clear Water Creek in WA. It meerly involved me surfing a hole that I thought was all good for a minute or so and then getting into a high brace where I felt my shoulder pulling. That and the events that followed lead the group to hike out, but as TG said, "We had this planned for you all along. You come to the PacNW and you will hike out of something." Also I managed to recover my paddle from a cauldron by throwing my rope in and waiting until it tangled as I tried to set up a rapel without the proper gear.

The second was on the embudo at 3.4, which Atom tells me is when most people get beat because "it's fast and pushy, but the holes haven't sluiced yet." There, the ego feels better, but I'm sure you boys will help check it. Anyway, got upside down in long rapid and raked. Should have waited longer. Boat went below MJ. The hike out from Long rapid truly sucks and I did it on a rainy day without seeing a single rattler.

Two isn't a bad season for me. I also think if you're not swimming from time to time you're either running the same stuff again or you're not gettin out enough.
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a pretty good excuse

I thought I was going to get away from the season clean... Then Burns and I ran Black Rock in the TopoDuo. So 1, Clear Creek Narrows. There is still Gore and Gauley season though.

Once I had 6 by the end of April, now that was a good year.

Craw, didn't you have had a record year? Yet I don't recall a single booty beer. Why don't you throw a little Gauley planning party and we'll all get caught up on the beers owed?

"I think I handled my alcohol pretty well considering how drunk I was." -Cousin Dan
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Jackson, Wyoming
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Liv, swimming in a topo is not swimming. LMAO, you are a freakin stud! Who the hell wants to topo black rock? Was this a drunken "good idea"? God, the big three would be rowdy.

Have a funny story- in 00/01 Robby Dastin and I did the gore race in one. We kept saying we should practice first as I had never sat in one. Race day comes and I still had never sat in one. All our buddy's are like you two are gonna get destroyed, blah blah.

As we are sliding down the hill I'm scared shit less. I strap a pair of balls on the back grab loop given to me by Tom Chamberlin to remind me to sack up. As we get to the first drop, we are solid and good.

We start coming into gore, I tell Robby were going left left and hitting that shit with our heads. About this point Robby and I begin to argue as he wants to sneak. WTF, Dastin. See Robby is a total monster in a kayak and never sneaks anything, he was compromised. So I tell his sorry ass, you paddle for the sneak and I'll paddle for the meat. We will then wrap on that rock and swim this shit, what's it gonna be? As we enter on the right I'm scared and know this is the end of our race. The crowd is disgusted as we enter thinking we are sneaking the rapid, then the boats turns to 10 o clock and we head for the big line.

The crowd went crazy, they were so loud I started laughing. We boof the left left line and get washed into ginger for a side surf and work out and off to the finish with another meat line at tunnel. Again the crowd goes nuts. It was classic.

The level was 1400 for the race and we won and also stomped the vail choads record from Ebel and Blount. Vail sucks! Didn't you have a swim Charlie this year?

Needless to say Liv, I've haven't been in a topo since. I also had to give chunderboy 7 stitches in his chin after the race. Was an awesome day with one of my best buddy's.

Nice work Liv! That's tough.

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