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Help with a bow stall.

So here's the deal folks. I can get a stern stall to hang around for a while through the double pump. The bow stall on the other hand is deemed considerably elusive. Can someone give me some tips. I paddle a rad 195 for the record.

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think about a tripod and balance your body with both hands and feet.

get that paddle out away from you.

keep practicing and you will get it.
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If you can already throw flatwater ends, then it should be an easy adjustment.

When throwing flatwater cartwheels (assuming you are doing it correctly) the paddle rests flat on the surface of the water (both blades touching, shaft parrallel to water surface). In other words, your knuckles are touching the water.

If you want to initiate (sp?, whatever) into a bow stall before throwing any ends (the easiest), then on the second half of the double pump, bury the paddle so that the water level is at your wrists, still keeping the paddle flat, i.e. parrallel to the surface of the water, just submerged. This will position your body into a forward position easier than throwing regular ends ever will, and will make it easier to get your first bow stalls. Plus, the paddle is already underwater, so you can pull up on the blades to bring the boat to vert immediately, making it possible to find the point where you balance the easiest in your boat. Every boat is different, and since your boat is shorter and more bouyant than most it will be harder (easy boats are longer and slicey, like EZG's, S6F, Dominatrix, etc).

Disclaimer: I've never heard of anyone else teaching this, but just kind of figured it out/noticed it a few years ago. Take it for what you will. If it works let me know, otherwise tell me to f-off.
Kyle McCutchen
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If you buy a creek boat you won't have to worry about those silly tricks.

Good Luck
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I say holding a stall is about achieving a certain state of mind, even in the pool. From The Squirt Book, on bow-squirting, "Always consider your exit, as it is the final state-ment of your control or lack thereof."
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Your advice is almost exactly the same as the advice I gave to a buddy of mine this time last year, he's now stalling his boat better than I ever could. Of course he wants to major in playboating and I've been working on a special-ed version of an undergrad in creeking so it's not like playboating is a big deal to me Figured I'd tell you that seems to be great instruction, Jimmy good luck with your bow-stall.

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All the other beta is good. I would also include one more thing. Try to think of your core or torso as your center point. It will almost be like you are doing sit-ups. Once you are in your tripod position think of pushing and pulling with your feet, by means of torso. This will seem odd at first because one would think that by standing up you would lean and fall back, but in actuality you will fall forward. Vice Versa if you lean in stronger and and reach for you toes you think you would fall over the top, but in actuality it will prevent you from doing so and will make your boat tilt a little back straight up. I have no idea if wording it this way helps, but stalling is very cool.
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It helps me to think of dipping my nipples in the water (mmmmmm). Helps keep the center of balance low :P
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LOL, the visual on that one is cracking me up.
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Yup, all good advice. For what it's worth, I like to pick a spot on the river bank and stare at it all the way through my double pump until my boat is vertical, then I quickly switch to a spot striaght ahead.

Also, I think it's helpful to double pump with my paddle a little more horizontal than vert if I am going right into a bow stall. Or maybe double pump a little further from the side of your boat that you would were you trying to throw ends. That widens the tripod right off the bat.

I second "nipples in the water." I push my chest as low as I can and crain my neck up so I can look around.

Also, when I first started bow stalls I always ended up with my paddle way down by my feet in an attempt to keep from falling forward. What you should do is push the paddle away from parallel to the surface of the water. Obvious, perhaps, but didn't come natural to me.

The visuals, by the way, are prety important for me. Just got a helmet with a visor that comes low over my brow, and it totally fugs with my bow stallin'.

All that said, it might not do much good. Bow stalls come slowly. I was stern stalling for 25 mins. at a time before I had a 10 second bow stall. They are way more difficult.
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