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Has this happened to you ?

I have been paddling well over 15 years. Last week i suffered some major carnage afeter not being able to roll. Now it seems i can't right my boat at all, i know this is all in my head ( that still throbs from the concussion ) . For the time i seem to have lost it, my confidence and skill or the ability to believe in my ability. Has this happened to you?

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Cisco, Utah
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Happened to a friend of mine, and it came back after a while. Tone it down for a while, take some beginners boating.
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Golden, Colorado
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Yes- the dreaded "Shanks". I think most boaters hit a rough patch like this, if you're kayaking long enough. It'll pass. It's certainly in your head, so the more you agonize over it the worse it'll get. Go to a reservoir with a 6 pack and work on your roll. The booze will help keep the mental frustration as bay & keep your humor.
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Eagle, Colorado
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Back to basics...

I took 3 years off when I had kids and came back to it with a sloppy roll. My 2cents are that you'll just need to get back to the basics and to strengthen the muscles associated with hip snap. I think that most folks gravitate toward the sweep with experience but, if you've been out for some time, you might go back to more of a C2C roll.

...I know we could skin the sweep vs. c2c all day so please refer to past threads on that beaten horse.

PS/more importantly - Things are starting to crank out there. Prepare yourself for river safty. Round up your bro's/bra's and take the swiftwater rescue class. It's fun and you won't believe what you're missing. If you already have, PRACTICE what you've learned, do Z drag races around the camp fire (actually a great drinking game) and keep looking over your shoulder to be sure your buds are safe even on the easy stuff.

"Dying ain't much of a livin" - The Outlaw Josse Whales
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Golden, Colorado
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Yep, that's where I'm at right now. I went an entire season without flipping two seasons ago and then last season proceeded to get pummeled cause my roll sucked. Took a shot to the head that made my neck sore for 6 months. I used to have a 100% bombproof roll. But not flipping an entire season I think made me lose the muscle memory. I've seen it happen to a lot of good boaters who lose their technique but can get away with it, but then it just gets worse and they start carping. On my fifth roll attempt one time last year I started getting pissed cause I've never missed a roll before, and then I realized my head was coming up first. Hit my roll next try. I was still able to do on-side and off-side paddle and hand rolls when I thought about it, but the muscle memory isn't there anymore to make quick rolls in Class V without thinking about it.

So for me, I'm going to start playboating alot more and get the muscle memory back.
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Chico, California
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I have had a few carnage moments that have seriously rattled me and effected my fundamentals (scattered, ineffective paddle strokes, bad rolling techniques) you are totally right, it is in my opinion primarily a mental thing where your fight and flight instincts override your ability to rationally roll up and stay safe. But this isn't news to you if you have been paddling for 15 years. Paddling is such a mental game and the only person you have to defeat or be beaten by is yourself.

I am fascinated by this whole concept and the constant battle that ensues when on the river when running hard whitewater or just battling through a junky roll, such a healthy battle. Not that you are looking for advice but this is a great opportunity to re-tool your fundamentals and perfect your game to a higher degree (we are stronger when we beat this stuff). Get back at it and bomb proof your roll and go stomp the rapid that got in your head! And I can't speak for everyone on here but I would wager a guess that most people deal with this to varying degrees at one point or another during their time as paddlers, I certainly know I have.

fight the good fight, stay on the river. hope your head gets feeling better.

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Park City, Utah
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Bad day

When I was on my game, I had a day at westwater where I had my helmet torn off, lost my paddle in skull, flipped in nearly every rapid. I still look back on that day and think WTF. Next time out everything was normal. What makes that happen sometimes? Wich I knew. Certainly know I was gripping that day on stuff that I would have literally done blindfolded before I enterred the canyon. Weird stuff happens with tis sport. Go to the pond or lake and get those basics back for a a day maybe? good luck.
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Park City, Utah
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Sorry about the poor spelling and grammar. It is embarrassing to re-read my post.
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Bozeman, Montana
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i had one hell of a mental fight last season in my brain with running rapids, confidence, and execution. it was so bad i didn't even look for the line in double trouble. not my style...

heres the the one image i will forever have burned in my brain and im thankful for being able to witness the moment... it was a lesson that i needed to relearn..

when we learned how to ride a back, when we crahsed we were sat back on that bike and we tried again. some on our own, some forced by parents... to the story now...
big south this last season... the one person who has probably tought the most valuable lesson ever would have to be Pete S.(lotswater) we were at cool world... i see Pete fire up... he ended up swimming out... and all the sudden i see pete heading back to the top... putting in and giving her again... cool world to me is one of those drops that could leave you humbled for a while if you got worked in it just right and their was this boater this creeker, who had just swam the same rapid putting and and given her like it was nobodies business. ive had a bunch of time to think and everytime i thought about kayaking, my future in kayaking and if its really what i want. i always pictured that moment at Cool world and Pete. lesson of the story never give up; as pete has said in the new testiment.

so take the lesson you learned, work the rolls till you can hand roll without thinking about it and get in their and stompt that B*t*h of a rapid 2 times over.. and don't ever look back...

you have been boating for 15 years like you said somebody like yourself more than likely is so addicted you won't be the same without it. don't ever give up. you got it.

remember when you first learned to roll im sure you didn't hit the first time and you tried again... not any different now.
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Bozeman, Montana
Paddling Since: 1999
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Posts: 5,507
damn canada you thought your grammar was bad, ahahah.

and one more to add i have to agree with ride on; you will become stronger from this, ive never been so hungry for water in my life after the most mentally frustrating year of my life.
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