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gus vs. huck for colorado/california

I know this has come up before, but it must be too old because it didn't show up when I searched for it. I'm wondering whether to get the gus or the huck. Me- 6?0?, 170ish, size 10 flippers. Another twist is that in the upcoming years I will be spending just about equal paddling time between California and Colorado, which definetely makes things interesting (I realize they are very different styles of water). I'm assuming it's better to go bigger when in the grey area with creekers, but if I can get away with huck I would like to for the added manueverability. Although I will probably want to carry some gear every once and a while so maybe the gus is the best bet???? If this was a perfect world I would just demo both, but I don't have the time or the recources, so any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Unless liquid logic is sponsoring you for your crazy bicycle stunts there are a few boats out there that would fit your needsl nicley. Sounds like if you had to go LL the El Jefe is your best bet. If not midd sized nomad ,big M3, or Bliss Stick MAC would do.
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Something else to consider about the Huck and Gus; they both have different hull designs. the huck is more of a displacement hull; rounded, and the gus is more a planning hull; flatter with edges. they are both going to handle differently in whitewater; mainly catching eddies. when I first paddled my huck, catching eddies sucked; but now I've just learned to not sally the boat around, and now she treats me fine.
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huck it

The Jefe or the Riot Magnum are what I would suggest. But if the Huck and Gus are your only options go with the Gus. My Huck (I weigh 150#s) isnt really that hot for anything more that a single overnighter, any more gear/food than that and it just dosent perform the way it should.
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Yo man,

Jefe combnines the speed/overnighter storage of the Gus with the manuverability (almost) of the Huck. It's a good boat.

As far as your original question about Huck or Gus, what are you mainly paddling? If you're usually paddling fairly low water, single day creeks, there is nothing wrong with the huck. I've run that boat down some shit for sure. If your focus is long overnighter trips, go for Gus. Hopefully, that simplifies it for you.
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My ranking if you are going LL is
Jefe then Gus then Huck.

At 180 I found the huck too low in the water and not that Maneuverable. The Gus drove way better for me, and felt more stable.

I have only heard great things about the Jefe.

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JEFE!!! You said in a perfect world you would want a combination of the Gus and Huck. Well, I guess your world is perfect because that boat IS available. Its called the JEFE.
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